Focus CNC linear way series CNC lathes with Syntec controls

For close to 20 years Taiwanese machine tool manufacturer Focus CNC has been building CNC multi-spindle bar automatics, multi-spindle chucking automatics, single spindle bar automatics, single spindle chucking automatics and turning centers. Among the product range is the FCL linear way series of CNC lathes that range between 290mm and 700mm cutting lengths.

The FCL-140 features a high speed and high-precision hydraulic CAM tool turret, which holds 10 tools and has a 0.3 second tool change with a repeatability accuracy of up to 0.002mm. The machine also has a MT4 hydraulic tailstock, a spindle with ø90mm large diameter angular bearings for heavy-duty high precision machining, a chip removal outlet that may be arranged at the rear or on the side of the machine.

The FCL-140 has a swing of 470mm, a machining length of 290mm, a chuck size 6 inch, a bar capacity of 45mm, XZ travel of 150 x 320mm, XZ traverse of 30m/min, a spindle power of 7.5kW and turning diameter of 260mm.

The FCL-200HT offers drilling, milling, turning, tapping as well as end milling capabilities for high efficiency integrated machining. The FCL-200HT’s powerful milling and turning system adopts the latest tool selection systems, has a fast servo turret, a 3-disc clutch gear positioning and fast hydraulic locking. Tool-to-tool change is 0.2 second. The machine has a hydraulic CAM tool turret, which holds 10 tools, and an accurate CS indexing spindle system driven by a servo motor and high resolution feedback device.

The FCL-200HT spindle system uses 100mm diameter angular contact ball bearings coupled with a high rigidity socket structure to suit high precision turning.

The machine has a swing of 470mm, a machining length of 479mm, a chuck size of 8 inch, a bar capacity of 52mm, XZ travel of 176 x 520mm, XZ traverse of 30m/min, a spindle power of 11kW and a turning diameter of 300mm.

Both machines are driven by with Syntec controls.

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