Flexilube develop multi-functional hydraulic, slideway and gearbox lubricant

NanoTritech set to minimise and rationalise stock holding in machine shops.

Flexilube, a leading South African manufacturer of metalworking fluids has developed and launched a multi-functional hydraulic, slideway and gearbox lubricant that will minimise and rationalise stock holding of three standard products that are traditionally used in machine shops.

“NanoTritech has been developed and formulated to meet the very latest requirements for a wide range of hydraulic, slideway and gearbox applications such as those found in modern day turning, milling and drilling machines,” said Irene von Knoblauch-Dreyer, Managing Director of Flexilube, a company that has roots back to 1984.

Flexilube launched the new product at a Spring Day function that the company held at its Meyerton, Gauteng factory in September. Among the guests were machine tool users and suppliers, as well as those from the cutting tool supply industry.

Math Robson of WD Hearn Machine Tools with Irene von Knoblauch-Dreyer, Managing Director of Flexilube and Paul Linaker, Sales Director of Flexilube

“Unfortunately, recent years have seen difficult scenarios challenging the growth and sustainability in manufacturing and the whole of South Africa. In a time of post pandemic, international conflict and where loadshedding is having a great impact on businesses locally through the loss of production and the compromise of machine integrity which ultimately leads to the loss of profit, we have to contribute towards and help with the lowering of costs for our clients. Everybody is working under stress. While many have learned in true South African style to ‘make a plan’ every little bit helps to keep the economy resilient,” continued von Knoblauch-Dreyer.

“We developed NanoTritech over a time period pursuant to industry norms with all the laboratory norms complied with, with ultimately the cost factor implication for CNC machine tool users, but with no detraction in quality.”

“The punch line is that clients only have to purchase one oil that will cover hydraulic, slideway and gearbox applications instead of each individual oil, which will continue to be available from us. Naturally this is going to be a cost saving but it will also eliminate potential failures because the wrong oil has been used for the wrong application.”

Coenie Brand from Flexilube, Mark Lotter and Raymond Ward from Multitrade Distributors, Marc Mahl from Fanuc South Africa and Mike Lee from Puma Machine Tools

Trudie Joffe, Mark Whittington, Jacques Bower all from Flexilube

“NanoTritech is a high-performance multi-functional lubricant. NanoTritech contains state-of-the-art additive technologies which synergistically offer outstanding pressure and anti-wear characteristics, anti-oxidation and corrosion inhibition properties to form a single oil that can be used in hydraulic, slideway and gearbox systems with anti-stick slip requirements for shudder-free operation of machine tool slideways,” explained Paul Linaker, Sales Director of Flexilube.

“It is the first of its kind to be manufactured or marketed in South Africa and while it will minimise stock complexity and maximise the coolant lifespan, it also has an excellent tramp oil rejection when used with our water-soluble coolant range.”

Works in conjunction with our Coolant Doctor Programme
“Just over two years ago we launched the Flexilube Coolant Doctor Programme which has been an extremely successful innovation for us. The on-site mobile laboratory allows you to get on with what you know best and leave the hassle of metalworking fluid monitoring to the experts,” said Linaker.

Paul Green, Klaas Salomons and Stephen Phipps all of PBS Machine Tools, Kevin Fisher of Second to None and Lee Morris of PTF Manufacturing

Chairlady Ingeborg von Knoblauch and Irene von Knoblauch-Dreyer, both of Flexilube with Flexilube’s first client Kevin Rees of R&A Engineering

“The Coolant Doctor Mobile Laboratory is also the first of its kind in the industry in South Africa, as far as we know. It brings our on-site metalworking fluid optimisation programme directly to the manufacturer, thereby introducing a new dimension in the way that soluble oils are prepared, monitored and managed,” explained von Knoblauch-Dreyer.

“At the core of our metalworking fluid optimisation programme is the Coolant Doctor Mobile Laboratory that is equipped with sophisticated portable test equipment to perform on-site analysis of your metalworking fluids and industrial lubricants by our trained technical field service specialists. These tests are performed to establish the condition of the emulsions, solutions and industrial lubricants, so that corrective action may be taken before a problem develops,” continued von Knoblauch-Dreyer.

Nico Duvenhage and Franco Jacobs, both of Iscar South Africa, Andries Britz of Anbri, Dominick Britz and Jeandre Britz, both of Dabaressa

Ricky Govender Knorr Bremse and Gavin Adams of Iscar South Africa

“Our area of technical expertise is metalworking fluids and the management thereof. It’s not just about the sale of the product, it’s about what we can do after the sale to bring maximum product benefit to our customer. Business owners want solutions to their manufacturing challenges, this programme will bring them piece of mind, knowing that they have one less thing to worry about.”

“The day-to-day management of the metalworking fluid is essential to keep it in good condition, thereby optimising its overall performance. When using water-based coolants, most problems are traced back to the incorrect mixing of emulsions and solutions. With the installation of an automated dosing station, coolants are prepared quickly and accurately on demand.”

“Our new NanoTritech works in conjunction with our Coolant Doctor Programme.”

Founded in 1984, by the von Knoblauch family, who have been in the lubricants industry in South Africa since 1952, Flexilube is now run and managed by the third generation of the family.

For further details contact Flexilube on TEL: 016 362 0343 or 082 655 9999 or mail your enquiry to paul@flexilube.com or visit www.flexilube.com