Flexible Flow Mach 200 waterjet

Flow International Corporation has released its Mach 200, a new waterjet system designed as a practical and flexible waterjet solution. The Mach 200 is specifically engineered to affordably meet waterjet applications from stone to carbon fiber.

With the Mach 200, Flow has introduced a new cutting head technology: Pivot+ Waterjet for bevel cutting and taper control. Featuring the all new Pivot+ Waterjet cutting head, the Mach 200 provides capabilities not previously available on Flow’s economical Mach 2 waterjet systems. The modern electrical system improves reliability of the overall system. Latest generation FlowXpert CAD/CAM software available with the Mach 200 is capable of designing complete 3-D models and assemblies while simultaneously calculating optimum cutting paths. The Mach 200 is backed by FlowCare, Flow’s support and service offerings.

The Mach 200 can be individually tailored to customer requirements. Well-suited for a wide spectrum of customers, the Mach 200 offers open table, three-sided ease of access for loading and unloading of materials. A range of pump technologies and cutting heads are available. All pump models are connected via EtherCAT to enhance diagnostics and upgradeability.

Pivot+ Waterjet, the optional, compact and agile bevel cutting head has been developed from the same technology as Flow’s premier 5-axis cutting solution Dynamic Waterjet XD. Service and support packages can also be tailored to a customer’s specific requirements. FlowCare programmes are available at three levels of support with options including preventive maintenance programmes, replacement programmes for high-pressure components, prompt delivery of replacement parts, technical assistance and a comprehensive training and development programme.

For further details contact WD Hearn Machine Tools on TEL: 021 534 5351 or visit www.wdhearn.co.za