First Cut appointed distribution partner for Messer Cutting Systems

First Cut has announced the addition of Messer Cutting Systems’ plasma, oxyfuel, and large-plate processing equipment to its metal fabrication equipment product lines. The machines are suitable for solutions for various sectors, such as automotive and vehicles, construction, custom cutting/steel service centers, energy, material handling, mechanical engineering, metal products/heavy steelworks, plant and pressure vessels, recycling, shipbuilding and shipyards, rail, agriculture, job shop, structural steel, general engineering and precision fabrication applications. Messer provides full system support with technical and applications training, including software.

“This is a strategic fit for Messer Cutting Systems,” said Maurice Mawson, who has been promoted to Global Product Manager – Machines for Messer Cutting Systems, after steering the Messer Cutting Systems office in South Africa for the past 15 years.

“It is not a case of the company leaving South Africa. Messer has been running a relatively small office in the Gauteng area for a number of years and we wanted to increase its presence throughout the whole of South Africa. The decision for Messer, coupled with my new global function, was to appoint First Cut as our distribution partner because of their countrywide representation and the market penetration that they have achieved with their existing range of metal fabrication solutions.”

Messer Cutting Systems’ Bevel-R

“Messer has production plants in Germany, USA, Brazil, China and India as well as offices in almost every country worldwide. In recent years we have focused on building up our sales and distribution network throughout the industrialised world.”

“They have built the international brands that they are ambassadors for in South Africa into powerful and recognisable products in the metal working and fabrication industry in South Africa.”

“I am going to be based in Europe in future but supporting South Africa is still part remit. We have over 100 working installations in South Africa, with a number of companies deploying more than one machine on their shop floor. This is a significant amount of machines in the market place and these machines need to be fully supported and serviced in the same manner that we have always done.”

“First Cut have faced this challenge before and are recognised for their commitment to all-important after sales back up, spares, training and service. All our current service technicians and most of our staff will be absorbed into First Cut to provide continuity for our customers. Additionally, First Cut have already started to train their staff at our head office in Germany,” added Mawson.

“The official agreement is being put in place from January 2019,” said Ian Mc Crystal, CEO of First Cut during an interview at EuroBLECH 2018, which was held in Hannover, Germany in October 2018.

“We have assigned Anthony Lezar to be the General Manager of this Machine Division, which Messer Cutting Systems will fall into,” continued Mc Crystal.

“The product range that Messer manufactures complements and also adds to our range of products that we market and service. We can now offer clients a more complete solution for what best suites their metal processing requirements.”

“With Messer’s global presence it will also open new doors for us and the technological input from Messer will be invaluable for all of our clients in South Africa.”

New MetalMaster Xcel cutting machine
“At EuroBLECH 2018 it was very evident that Messer Cutting Systems are focused on productivity. They have launched the exciting new MetalMaster Xcel cutting machine. The new machine has an emphasis on fast process cycles, high acceleration and even better cutting quality and accuracy through smooth guidance from the helical gearing and linear guides.”

At EuroBLECH 2018 Messer Cutting Systems launched the new MetalMaster Xcel cutting machine

“The company was also showcasing their Bevel-R, a unit that can accurately cut bevel profiles (non-vertical) on almost any contour. Their new software product family OmniFab® offers a modular solution connecting all systems in the factory to increase productivity and enable the automated document exchange in order management and work preparation. The Factory Data Capture module enables flow of all shop floor information from production back into the ERP system and production management. The module Machine Insight automatically collects all important data from your Messer cutting machine during production and enables the monitoring of machines and the analysis of operational key figures like equipment effectiveness.”

Software – design, nesting, bevel cutting
“Messer’s OmniWin 2018 combines technical flexibility with fast, efficient operation. The integrated working operations of CAD, import and nesting for vertical and bevelled parts, optimise the working process for the machines on your floor.”

About Messer Cutting Systems
Messer Cutting Systems GmbH, along with its subsidiaries, designs, develops, manufactures, and supplies cutting machines for the metal working industry worldwide. The company offers oxyfuel, plasma, and laser cutting equipment; cutting tables, such as fume extraction tables, water tables, water conveyor tables, and vibrating chutes; dust collection systems; and filter systems. It also provides designing and nesting software solutions; a software tool for the optimum designing and nesting of thermal cutting parts; a software product for bevel cutting; and retrofits and safety audits. In addition, the company provides customer service, maintenance, spare parts and consumables, and training.

Anthony Lezar of First Cut, Ian Mc Crystal, CEO of First Cut, Oliver Friz, CEO of Messer Cutting Systems Europe and Maurice Mawson, Global Product Manager – Machines for Messer Cutting Systems

Messer Cutting Systems GmbH was formerly known as Messer Cutting & Welding GmbH and changed its name to Messer Cutting Systems GmbH in 2011. The company was founded in 1898 and is currently based in Groß-Umstadt, Germany. Messer Cutting Systems GmbH operates as a subsidiary of MEC Holding GmbH.

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