Feeler reveals four new machines at MACH 2014

All have new styling and fresh branding, which brings a more European look and feel to a Taiwanese machine. On show for the first time was the Feeler U600-5AX 5-axis machining centre.

The U600-5AX is a travelling-column, trunnion-style machine aimed at the general machining, mould and die, and low volume manufacturing sectors.

The U600-5AX has the X, Y and Z axes mounted on a rigid column combined with A and C rotary axes on the trunnion, it gives better visibility for the operator, easier access for loading and unloading, and a larger safe zone for tool-changing.

The U600-5AX has a 460 mm (X) by 520 mm (Y) by 400 mm (Z) working envelope and a 15,000 rpm, BT-40 Big Plus spindle. Spindles with 10,000, 12,000 and 20,000 rpm are available as options.


Axis travel speed is 30 m/min in X, Y and Z. A 30-tool magazine is fitted as standard, with a 40-tool option available.

Feeler’s new VMP45 vertical machining centre is Feeler’s standard 3-axis, 1,100 mm X-axis vertical machining centre.

Feeler’s VMP580 vertical machining centre with automatic pallet changer is the third one that was on show and, finally there was Feeler’s new TC20 Alpha drilling and tapping centre. The TC20 Alpha is benchmarked to compete head-to-head on performance with the market-leading brands.

The TC20 Alpha has a 20,000 rpm direct-drive spindle, 1.2 axis accelerations, a 21-tool magazine and a capacity of up to 510 mm in the X-axis. It will be suitable for fast, light machining of aluminium and steel castings, and die castings.

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