Feeler launches U600-5AX and FVT-1000

A 5-axis vertical machining centre and a vertical turning centre were launched EMO.

Feeler’s U600-5AX machining centre is aimed at general machining, mould and die and low volume manufacturing. It has a trunnion-type design with X, Y and Z-axes mounted on a rigid column. This is combined with A and C rotary axes on the trunnion which, says the company, gives better visibility for the operator and easier access for loading and unloading as well as a larger safe zone for tool changing. Twin sliding guards, at right angles to each other, give uninterrupted access to the working area from both the front and side of the machine.

The 600-5AX has a 460 by 520 by 400 mm XYZ working envelope and a 15 000 rpm BT-40 Big Plus spindle, with 10,000, 12,000 and 20,000 rpm spindles available as options. Axis travel speed is 30 m/min in X, Y and Z. A 30-tool magazine is fitted as standard with a 40-tool option available.

Designed using advanced FEM software, the machine has a single-piece base and column design to reduce accumulated errors. The castings are of a box design with long slideways while the tilting table tailstock design prevents deflection.

The small footprint FVT-1000 vertical lathe, which is easily integrated into a production line, is designed for heavy duty turning performance. A Fanuc a40/6000 spindle motor combined with a ZF gearbox offers a maximum torque of 4,700 Nm at 90 rpm.

The FVT-1000 has a maximum turning diameter of 1 000 mm and a maximum turning height of 850 mm and a 32-inch diameter chuck. It has a maximum 1 500 rpm spindle speed. It is fitted with a 12-station BMT 85 fully hydraulic turret. Servo turret and live tooling options are also available.

FEM methods have optimised the machine for maximum rigidity and heavy-duty cutting with box guideways throughout and large diameter ballscrew drives.

For further details contact Craft Machine Tools on TEL: 011 845 2030/1/2/3, www.craftmachinetools.co.za