Faster machining thanks to Artificial Intelligence – Fanuc

New CNC software tools.

Easy setup, sophisticated surveillance and perfect performance were the key themes on Fanuc’s exhibition stand during EMO. Fanuc also showcased a range of useful software tools and options. The user interface iHMI has been further optimised and the operator control PANEL iH Pro has been fitted with more powerful hardware. The two controllers 30i-B Plus and 0i-F Plus are new innovations in Factory Automation technology.

Fanuc’s software innovations, which ensure added performance thanks to, among other things, Artificial Intelligence (AI), are known as ‘Smart Machining’. The ‘Smart Feed Axis Acceleration/ Deceleration’ function determines the actual moment of inertia of the workpiece during operation and adjusts the optimal acceleration of the servo motor. The benefit for high cutting volumes becomes clear at the end of the machining time, when the workpiece is considerably lighter and higher accelerations are possible.

Servo Learning Oscillation
Servo Learning Oscillation is a software function that is particularly useful when turning and enables and facilitates a prolonged, automated operation. This function allows the tool to oscillate, reducing the chip size. It therefore prevents long chip coils entangling the tool – facilitating unattended operation, and simplifies chip disposal.

Fanuc also presented a whole package of new tools and functions. These include key innovations in the areas of optimising performance and maximising availability by means of better condition monitoring. One component that can be retrofitted in existing machines is the Edge Analysing Unit. Its new feature is the synchronous recording of CNC and sensor data. For example, the combination of this data and the comparison with target data make preventive maintenance possible. Comparable information can be obtained with the help of the software option AI Servo Monitoring. This tool has been specially developed to analyse and evaluate work spindle data. Fanuc has now expanded this software so that all machine servo drives and drive assemblies can be captured. Artificial Intelligence compares the recorded data with a normality score and proposes suitable maintenance measures where adjustable threshold values are exceeded. This software is part of MT-LINKi, Fanuc’s software for collecting, evaluating and visualising machine information.

Machining quality, surface quality and performance are represented by the software options Fine Surface Technology and Fast Cycle Time Technology, which are already known but have had many details improved and to which the 5-axis Integrated Technology function has now been added.

Smart Rigid Tapping
Smart Rigid Tapping, a machining function designed for tapping, has also been improved. After a thread hole has been cut, the spindle is now removed from the hole with maximum motor power. Practice tests carried out at Fanuc have shown that this saves up to 35% of cycle times.

The user interface iHMI has been further improved and expanded and is also available in the CNC 0i-F Plus series. Fanuc will give interactive presentations to demonstrate the easy and clear handling on two stations: On iHMI Milling and iHMI Turning, very practical machining and new functionalities can be tested. In this respect there are new functions for machining preparation (tool setup, programmes and simulations), for machining itself (easy operation) and for optimisation and daily operation with Servo Viewer and Maintenance Manager. An important theme for the user in this respect is the iHMI Maintenance Manager, whose function and significance for maintenance was also shown in a Fanuc Demonstrator on the exhibition stand.

The CNC control system 0i-F Plus stands out not only because of the new user interface, but also because of new functions that are available as standard. The storage capacity has also been increased to 2 MB. This benefits both MTBs and end-users. Fanuc Picture is interesting, for example the bespoke and customer-specific design of the user interface. The start-up tool developed for the 0i-F-Series aims to make machine setup much easier. Parameters that are important for machining and movement control can be entered on a PC in advance with the help of a menu (standard suggestions for certain parameters) and easily included in the CNC system.

Upgraded control units
Fanuc has upgraded its control units. The latest processors have been fitted with the Panel iH Pro with 21.5’’-LCD widescreen monitors. Very useful for MTBs: The PC unit and display unit can now be placed separately on the machine. Thus, the display can be placed on the front of the machine in a way that saves space and is aesthetically attractive, whilst the PC unit is located in the control cabinet. A second display at another location on the machine, which may be needed on the reverse side for tool changes, can therefore be integrated easily into the machine housing.

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