Fanuc South Africa appoints Marc Mahl as Managing Director

Fanuc South Africa (Pty) Ltd, a leading supplier of CNC systems, robotics and factory automation has announced the appointment of Marc Mahl as the company’s new Managing Director. As the Managing Director he will have the responsibility for all of Fanuc South Africa’s operations.

Marc joined Fanuc South Africa in 2004 as a service engineer and later moved on to sales of CNC controls before adding factory automation, robots and Robomachine sales to his portfolio. He was later appointed Sales Manager.

“I joined Fanuc directly after graduating with a BTech degree in Electrical Engineering and later I completed a Certificate in Business management. Fanuc is the only company I have worked for and during this period I have been fortunate enough to visit the Fanuc factories in Japan many times for product and management training,” explained Mahl.

“It is my intention to intensify Fanuc’s direct support to our South African and other African customers with close cooperation from Fanuc Corporation in Japan and all Fanuc Group companies in order to improve the competitiveness of our products and service.”

“We offer a total solution package to our customers, utilising automation and robotisation to be implemented in their manufacturing sites.”

“Fanuc has many new products in development for Industry 4.0 and IoT. These products will allow customers to gather information that was previously not available to them. This will allow them to adapt their production to become more efficient and streamlined.”

“Fanuc also has many new robot models in development that will expand Fanuc’s reach into new fields. In this respect we are looking for new engineers to prepare us and our customers for the future.”

“Fanuc’s goal in Africa is to further increase customer satisfaction by strengthening it’s ‘one Fanuc’, service first value programmes.”

Mahl takes over from Kroum Petkov, the former Managing Director, who has taken early retirement as of the end of August 2018. Petkov began his career at Fanuc in 1991.

For further information contact Fanuc South Africa on TEL: 011 392 3610 or visit