Fanuc releases the newest version of its popular CNC control system: 0i-F Plus

Fanuc has introduced the latest version of the company’s popular CNC control. This huge upgrade features many improvements to make your life easier through intuitive and smooth operation, while keeping all of the best features from the previous model.

Some of the improvements include larger part programme storage memory as standard, faster block processing speed, a new user interface as well as a modern flat design with dark theme.

The 0i-F Plus series consists of milling and turning controls, with each sub-divided into a few package configurations. Laser, hobbing and grinding controls are also available. This subdivision of type creates flexible and cost-effective solutions for any CNC application. Types 1, 3 and 5 offers the classic Fanuc user interface, with improved graphics and improvements. Types 0, 2 and 4 controls offers Fanuc’s new iHMI user interface for improved usability.

Fanuc iHMI – simple, efficient, intuitive
Fanuc’s iHMI interface has been designed to be extremely easy-to-use. Intuitive menu icons, high-visibility design and animated features take the head-scratching out of complex machining operations, making accessing even the most sophisticated programmes and functions straightforward. Despite its more intuitive layout, users will nevertheless find that it provides a familiar Fanuc user experience.

Fine Surface Technology
Machining quality and surface finish are becoming more and more important every day.
Fine Surface Technology is a set of functions that improve surface quality of your workpieces. This is achieved through methods such as:

• Accepting high precision machining programme output from CAD/CAM
• Executing programmes with small line segments faster
• Generating smooth tool paths
• Following up commanded positions precisely

The Fine Surface Setting Screen helps you to set optimal parameters for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. Parameters for high-speed and high-precision machining are adjustable with an intuitive slide bar.

Fast Cycle Time Technology
Of course while surface finish is critical, the expectation of reduction of cycle time is also a critical factor. Fanuc has been hard at work developing functions to reduce machining cycle times.

Fast Cycle Time Technology is a set of CNC and servo functions, which reduce cycle time. This is achieved through methods such as:

• Accelerating and decelerating depending on load inertia
• Making the best use of spindle performance
• Reducing the sequence processing time for external signals

Fanuc has improved the new CNC control system over the previous 0i-F by including more standard functions on the 0i-F Plus. The increased part programme memory offers the ability to run larger programmes stored on the CNC, with the ability of creating part programme storage on a memory card using the control itself. This improved function allows editing of part programmes on a formatted memory card, with storage and programme sizes of up to 2GB.

Machining quality and performance has been improved on the 0i-MF Plus by offering functions such as AI Contour Control II (200 Block look ahead), Jerk Control, Machining Condition Selection Function and Fine Surface Machining as standard on Type 0 and 1 controls. These functions further improve the performance of fine and high-accuracy machining in applications such as mould making and surface contouring.

For future proofing and preparing your factory for the Internet of Things, the 0i-F Plus is compatible with Fanuc MT-LINK i, with part count, cycle time, alarm history, alarm status, and a variety of other function monitoring. The IoT compatibility makes the 0i-F Plus control ideal for production monitoring of multiple machines or production sites.

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