Fanuc Academy launched

New facility offers participants the opportunity to be trained in CNCs, robots and automation solutions.

Fanuc has continuously pursued factory automation after it succeeded in implementing servomechanism and NC (numerical control) systems within the Japanese private sector, since its inception in 1956. If you expand the acronym of Fanuc, the original company name includes the words of automatic, numerical and control. However, not many would recognise the original company name if it was referred to as Fuji Automatic Numerical Control. But talk about CNC machine controls and robotic automation and many would immediately think of Fanuc. Fanuc’s history has been denoted by CNC itself.

While promoting CNC (computer numerically controlled), robotics and factory automation solutions, Fanuc has also been actively involved in training-related services for its products, demonstrating the value that the company places on automation-based skills. Over the years Fanuc expanded its training programmes with facility upgrades and more course offerings.

Now the company has consolidated its training initiatives worldwide by forming and establishing the Fanuc Academy.

The academy features the newest Fanuc LR Mate 200iD/4S robots, a CR-4iA table-top size collaborative robot, as well as the company’s latest Factory Automation (FA) and CNC systems

“At Fanuc we are passionate about automation and love nothing more than conveying that passion. We know just as well as anyone that success lies in challenging ourselves and developing our expertise. At the same time we want to explore new technologies and ways of working together. Our Fanuc products are in constant development, and so are we. By providing you with information and inspiration to use our products we can help you learn more on how you can improve productivity and reduce down time at your site,” said Marc Mahl, Fanuc South Africa’s Managing Director.

“Fanuc shares your commitment to the future of manufacturing. That means we need to amplify workforce training to help improve the skill level of our manufacturing workforce and shape the future for the next generation.”

“This is the very reason that the Fanuc Academy concept was started and it is intended to have an academy in every country that Fanuc operates in, and more than one in the bigger markets. The Fanuc Academy is a place where we offer a learning environment to motivate and give you the tools and confidence to help you optimise the usage of your Fanuc equipment on-site.”

“By managing your installation correctly through your newly gained knowledge from our training academy, this investment could strongly reduce potential programming errors and increase the life time of your Fanuc equipment.”

“Whether you are a student, machine operator, programmer, maintenance specialist, machine tool builder, system integrator, a CNC machine importer or sales executive, line builder or designer, the Fanuc Academy offers everything you need to upskill yourself and increase productivity – from introductory programmes for beginners through to courses tailored to the needs of expert users and specific applications. Whatever your Fanuc product group, whatever your rival application, the Fanuc Academy offers a wide variety of training programmes to meet your needs. The pay offs are huge, not only in terms of increased efficiency but also additional benefits such as better safety and reduced downtime.”

Manufacturing applications
“Whether your manufacturing application is arc welding, assembly, dispensing and sealing, machine tending, material removal, painting, palletising, part transfer, picking and packaging or spot welding we will have a training programme for you to attend and have practical training right there in the training room.”

“We began renovations at our Aeroport Industrial Estates, Gauteng facility in 2019 and included in the plans was to setup the Fanuc Academy. They are now completed.”

“The academy features the newest Fanuc LR Mate 200iD/4S robots, a CR-4iA table-top size collaborative robot, as well as our latest Factory Automation (FA) and CNC systems. Each machine is equipped with the latest touchscreen teach pendant and human-machine interface (HMI) technology. The machines are smaller versions of the Fanuc models on sale and operate at a teach speed, allowing participants to work on them at their own pace.”

“In addition to products, Fanuc will provide other educational tools and technology to train participants in the use of CNCs, robots and automation, the same equipment used by companies worldwide in every industry sector.”

Fanuc has consolidated its training initiatives worldwide by forming and establishing the Fanuc Academy. Fanuc South Africa has completed its Fanuc Academy facility and all COVID-19 protocols are being followed with a limited number of participants allowed to attend. The lecture room will be able to take up to a maximum of 18 participants once the pandemic is over

“The basic introductory course, which lasts for around four days, allows participants to learn the fundamentals of machine operation, from basic safety protocol to programming and control. The academy also offers advanced and maintenance courses, as well as bespoke programmes. Applications are accepted from both experienced and first-time users of automated machinery.”

“All training courses are globally accepted but we are also planning on applying for merSETA recognition.”

“All COVID-19 protocols are being followed with a limited number of participants allowed to attend. We will be able to take up to a maximum 18 participants once the pandemic is over. However, we prefer to train in smaller groups as we believe that the individual focus and on the quality machine training time, is essential.”

“With talk of a skills gap continuing to make headlines manufacturers need to develop their own initiatives to promote careers in manufacturing to a new generation. There are several concerns at the moment. One is the slow uptake of manufacturing and engineering careers by young people. The other is the fact that many school-leavers are currently entering the profession without the skills that employers need.”

“Manufacturing isn’t immune from fast-paced technological change, and this needs to be reflected in our approach to skills and training.”

“The Fanuc Academy might be a fairly new concept and name, but it builds from our passion in further educating ourselves and our customers.”

For further information contact Fanuc South Africa on TEL: 011 392 3610 or visit