Fair Friend Group to occupy entire Hall 14 at EMO 2017

FFG presents portfolio of machine tools and systems with a focus on smart production – occupies the entire Hall 14 to showcase 40 machines and manufacturing cells in the Group with 5 618m² of exhibition space.

The Fair Friend group is known for its variety of renowned brands, covering the full range of metal cutting machinery for turning, gear making, milling, honing and grinding in all parts sizes and volumes to manufacturing cells, agile systems, rotary transfer machines and turnkey systems including proprietary automation solutions. At the EMO 2017 the international machine tool manufacturing group is set to prove that the widespread portfolio can be combined smartly to match the needs of customers from various industries across the globe.

The EMO display will include two VDF Boehringer large scale lathes ideally suited for entire wheelset reworks, machining of new axles and used axles. Various further machines will be shown to complete the range of applications, including rotary transfer machines from IMAS, Pfiffner and Witzig & Frank, CV joint specialists MAG and Meccanodora, cost-efficient milling, turning and grinding concepts from Feeler, Leadwell, DMC and Equiptop, and 5-axis solutions from Sigma, Sachman and FFG’s partner Zuse Hüller Hille.

With the addition of the Italian grinding machine manufacturers from Tacchella, who recently joined the group, the application range is further extended to include finish machining of hardened parts.

The tradition of versatile large part machining at FFG is represented by the Italian manufacturer Jobs and the Japanese experts from SNK. Both have been serving the markets for aerospace and large die manufacturing for decades.

World premiere for crankshaft machining
The VDF Boehringer brand has been setting milestones in crankshaft production technology since decades and kept developing its turnkey program ever since then. Having presented an entirely new modular line of crankshaft machines for the whole process chain, VDF Boehringer will bring another world premier to this EMO. The newly designed VDF 221 CIM will widen the process portfolio to include high performance internal milling. The intelligent design and stability of the machines provides for high material removal rates, short cycle times, low tool cost and high surface qualities. This highly productive process will be presented in an automated cell together with a VDF 211 CT for high precision turning.

Industry 4.0: direct value added approach and networks
With roots in all major markets, FFG’s approach to Industry 4.0 and the related fields of technology is uniquely widespread. Solutions spread from an integrated Factory Automation approach to multi-level tools for enhanced overall equipment efficiency and alliances with major players in automation, control & drive and IT. The common denominator is a hands-on approach that is taking into account the daily business of customers as well as their overall strategy, enabling them to leverage unused potentials. An overview and examples of these various projects will be presented at EMO, including machine data analysis, tools for system engineering and integration, monitoring, service and support, cloud-based open architecture SCADA systems and much more.