EX-H-DRL – OSG’s carbide drill for removing broken taps in components

OSG’s Exocarb XH-DRL drill series is specifically designed to remove cut taps that have broken off in the hole during tapping. Sold individually or in sets, this tool is a cost-effective alternative to EDM as a means of removing broken taps.

The trigon flute design ensures high rigid geometry to allow drill penetration into hardened tool steel up to 70HRC. Sold individually or in sets the Exocarb XH-DRL drill is available in 11 sizes. The drill removes straight flute, gun nose and spiral flute taps.

How it works
Position the drill at the centre of the damaged tap, securing both the workpiece and the drill firmly. When the head of the damaged tap is protruding, grind the damaged surface flat to make the centre of the damaged tap easier to drill. Make an initial, centred approach by drilling lightly, then quickly withdrawing the drill. For this step, do not use lubrication.

Then drill the hole at a fixed feed speed, stopping the operation occasionally to remove chip waste. In addition, use plenty of high quality cutting fluid. Once the hole has been cleared, the peripheral remnants of the tap can be removed with ease. Once the hole is cleaned, tapping can be resumed.

80th anniversary
OSG celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. Established in Tokyo, Japan in 1938 by Hideo Osawa as OSG Grinding Co. Ltd., OSG originally only manufactured taps. Since then the company has grown into a comprehensive cutting tool manufacturer and dramatically increased theirr product lineup to include gauges, dies, end mills, drills and indexable tooling.

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