ESAB and Yaskawa sign collaborative agreement for pre-engineered robotic welding cells

The ESAB Group Inc. and leading robot and robot system company Yaskawa have announced the signing of a global cooperation agreement to jointly develop and market a line of pre-engineered robotic welding systems called XCellerator.

The XCellerator systems will be engineered and built by Yaskawa and marketed by ESAB through its global sales channels.

Each company will contribute their special expertise to create a product which is greater than the sum of their individual contributions. In creating the XCellerator line of pre-engineered robotic welding cells, Yaskawa brings more than 30 years of experience producing leading-edge robots, robotic controllers and robot cells to this effort.

For its part, ESAB brings its deep expertise in welding processes, filler metals, equipment and automation together with their proprietary WeldCloud weld operations management infrastructure. Together they have produced an integrated robotic welding solution that truly exemplifies these two great companies.

Pre-engineered cells like XCellerator are the fastest, simplest path toward automation. They improve productivity per worker by three to five times and offer a compelling return on investment. Factory-built and tested, they take the risk out of robotic system investments.

The cells especially appeal to small and medium-sized manufacturers and fabricators that value easy installation, set-up and operation, enabling them to take a confident step toward automating their welding operations.

Yaskawa is a manufacturer of inverter drives, servo drives, machine controllers, and industrial robots. For more than 100 years, the company philosophy has been based on the principle of highest quality. This philosophy has helped Yaskawa to become one of the top global companies in the field of electrical drive technology.

Inventor of the word Mechatronics and its strong focus on research and development has yielded innovations that have contributed significantly to the success of many industries, among them machine construction, mining, machine tooling, automotive construction, packaging and semiconductors. As supplier of Motoman industrial robots, Yaskawa is also one of the world’s biggest robot manufacturers.

Yaskawa operates manufacturing and development facilities in Asia, Europe and North America. Yaskawa Europe GmbH has announced a €23 million move to new corporate headquarters in Hattersheim, Germany, in 2022 from Eschborn, Germany.

ESAB said it exists to “shape the future of welding and cutting”, adding it connects fabricators with the widest range of products under ITS industry-leading brand portfolio with the latest technologies to “solve virtually any industry challenge”.