Entry-level machining center launched by DMG MORI

Global machine tool manufacturer DMG MORI has entered the vertical machining centre (VMC) market at the lower end of the price range with a new, nominally half-metre-cube model, the M1.

This is the least expensive machine in the company’s portfolio and offers small job shops and subcontractors the opportunity to access equipment from DMG MORI. Built at the group’s factory in Poland the machine occupies only six square metres on a shop floor, it is constructed on a 2 400 kg, monolithic, thermally stable bed casting that allows high metal removal rates combined with high-accuracy and surface quality of machined components.

Axis travels are 550mm by 550mm by 510mm and at 850mm, the length of the fixed table is much longer than the X-axis stroke to allow for considerable component overhang. Table width is also generous at 650mm and maximum load is 600kg.

BT40 (or SK40) tools are exchanged from a 24-station magazine by a twin-arm ATC into the direct-drive, 9kW / 43Nm spindle, which can have a maximum rotational speed of either 10 000rpm or 12 000rpm. 20-bar through-spindle coolant is optional.

Control is by a Siemens 828D and programmes are fully compatible with the 840D CNC system. NC cycles generated by a CAM system can be easily imported and a DXF reader is available, as is the Siemens ShopMill user interface. Cycle simulation, Advanced Surface and DMG MORI’s proprietary NETservice 4.0 (https://uk.dmgmori.com/service-and-training/customer-service/netservice) are all included.

For further details contact Retecon on TEL: 011 976 8600 or visit www.retecon.co.za