EMO Hannover 2019 around the corner – start packing your bags

Take advantage of the Trade Fair Tours and Metalworking News offer. Save the date – 16 to 21 September 2019.

Pack your bag and get ready to attend this exciting B2B event, EMO Hannover 2019 which exhibits a whole new range of products ranging from that of turning machines, drilling machines, boring machines, milling machines, flexible manufacturing cells and systems, transfer machines, grinding machines, tool grinding machines, planning, shaping, slotting and broaching machines, gear cutting and finishing machines, sawing and cutting off machines, and screwing and threading machines. With the exchange of industrial knowhow and specialised networking events the highlights of the show, the entire business community benefits from it.

Exhibitors come to EMO Hannover from all over the world and from all segments of metalworking technology. With approximately 60% of exhibitors from outside of Germany, EMO Hannover is the world’s most international trade fair for metalworking. Experts from the industry know and recognise that fact – which is another reason why no other trade fair can match the international character of EMO Hannover’s visiting public.

“EMO Hannover 2019 will be the highlight of the year for the metalworking sector. All major manufacturers of production technology will be presenting their products and services in Hannover at the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of industrial production. Nobody can afford to miss it,” says Christoph Miller, Managing Director of EMO Hannover and the EMO organiser VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

From 16 to 21 September 2019, the exhibition will once again be the international meeting point for trade visitors interested in production technology. Under the theme of ‘Smart technologies driving tomorrow’s production!’ the exhibition will focus on smart technologies as the key to greater productivity, better quality and more flexibility.

“What is decisive for intelligent factories is the comprehensive networking of people, plants and business processes along the entire value chain,” explains Miller from the VDW.

Networking in industry is gaining momentum much faster because greater processor power is now available which makes the processing of large amounts of data possible in the first place. According to estimates by the international market research institute International Data Corporation, 30 billion private and industrial endpoints could be networked worldwide by 2020.

Numerous supporting events will round off the EMO Hannover’s attractions
The EMO Hannover is not only the most important meeting point for all protagonists in the metalworking sector, manufacturers and users alike. It is also traditionally a forum for innovations and trendsetters. Numerous events designed to address and indeed progress important technical and commercial issues in the world of metalworking are organised. They complement the manufacturers’ range of exhibits, and communicate to visitors a comprehensive picture of trends and issues themed around metalworking.

A new exhibition area, IoT in Production, is expected to provide a complete overview of the central aspects of networking, including data security, data analysis, process monitoring, predictive maintenance, smart data management and much more.

“We are delighted with the fantastic response that EMO Hannover has again received from all sides,” says EMO General Commissioner Carl-Martin Welcker. “The exhibitor directory already reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the international machine tool industry. It’s also good to see that many exhibitors have increased their stand space and are now even more representative than last time.”

South African first time visitor perspective
Walter Bellora, BCF Precision Grinding, a first time visitor to EMO had this to say about his visit: “EMO 2017 was an eye opener for young and old alike and ranks as one of our best business trips that we have ever been engaged in. We cannot speak highly enough of our experience at the EMO machine Tool Exhibition in Hannover Germany.”

“From the moment we reached Hannover and met other South African visitors we all became one big family with the same goals – see, learn, return with knowledge and implement.”

“The opportunities to make contact with fellow industrialists are endless, sharing ideas and problem solving in machining or manufacturing. Seeing the latest developments in our industry and to see in which direction our industry is moving in, what goals are set by world leaders in their specialised fields, was absolutely astonishing. As South Africans we are very much appreciated by overseas companies, they want to do business with us and we are not far behind technologically. In my personal opinion there is no lack of will in our industry and yet, there is this negativity in our industry, which is borne by the negativity of our government. There are no real incentives or backup plans in South Africa as there are in foreign countries, with their governments backing and being fully behind the metalworking sector.”

“Small entrepreneurs have to go it alone here. We cannot always be expected to be competitive and to compete internationally with those countries that have the support from their governments, but our will to compete is still very strong.”

“As a first time visitor to the EMO machine exhibition we could not believe the sheer size of the exhibition. Words cannot do the exhibition any justice and the only regret that we have is not having gone there years before. If we may offer one piece of advice to anyone that is involved in the metalworking industry and in any position they might hold we would recommend that at least once in their lifetime they make the effort and visit the EMO exhibition.”

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