Eight industry leaders including Blaser Swisslube forge social media partnership

In a groundbreaking collaboration, eight distinguished players in the metalworking industry have united to launch a global social media partnership. Blaser Swisslube, Big Kaiser, DIXI Polytool, GF Machining Solutions, GRESSEL AG, OPEN MIND, REGO-FIX, and Rotoclear have joined forces to combine their expertise, creativity, and marketing prowess. This unprecedented initiative promises to showcase a diverse array of custom creations, informative technical insights, and captivating video content.

The partnership was officially initiated on August 28, 2023, signifying a remarkable convergence of industry leaders dedicated to elevating the metalworking domain. A flagship project heralding this collaboration is the creation of a unique diamond trophy, an intricate 5-axis venture that involves specialised tooling and intricate programming. This remarkable feat underscores the capabilities of these partners and sets the stage for numerous forthcoming projects that will unfurl over the next year.

The central theme of this collaboration is the fusion of technical ingenuity with innovative marketing approaches. Each partner brings a distinctive set of skills and experiences to the table, cementing the synergy that drives this initiative forward. Viewers are encouraged to follow their social media channels to remain updated on the partners’ latest achievements.

Big Kaiser, a global entity under the umbrella of BIG Daishowa Seiki Co. Ltd, specialises in high-end tooling and tool holders for the metal cutting industry. Blaser Swisslube, with a legacy dating back to 1936, is renowned for its lubricant solutions that prioritise both performance and environmental sustainability.

DIXI Polytool, headquartered in Le Locle, Switzerland, excels in precision cutting tools, including solid carbide, diamond-tip specialty tools, and precision reamers. GF Machining Solutions contributes its automated 5-axis machine, embodying the innovation synonymous with the Georg Fischer Group. GRESSEL AG, part of SCHUNK SE & Co. KG, is celebrated for its top-tier work-piece clamping technology. OPEN MIND is the developer of hyperMILL, an advanced CAD/CAM solution that empowers machining strategies across multiple dimensions. REGO-FIX, a global trailblazer originating in Switzerland, is synonymous with cutting-edge tool-holding and automated tool set-up solutions. Rotoclear, headquartered in Germany, offers self-cleaning spinning windows cameras and viewing panels that provide an unobstructed view of machining operations.

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