Efficient high-speed cutting at 30k

With the new speedMASTER 30k, DMG MORI has developed a high-speed spindle that is an optimal solution in die and mould applications and for the use of small diameter tools.

DMG MORI Components like the machine tool manufacturer’s extensive spindle portfolio make a significant contribution to quality and reliability in machining. Many years of experience and technical know-how flow into the products developed and manufactured by DMG MORI – as in the case of the speedMASTER 30k. The new high-speed spindle achieves a speed of up to 30 000rpm.

speedMASTER spindles are designed for high-speed milling applications and are used in horizontal and vertical machining centers such as the NHX 4000/5000 3rd generation and NVX 5000 2nd generation as well as the monoBLOCK series. The previously available spindle range already reached speeds of up to 15 000rpm or 20 000rpm. With the new speedMASTER 30k, DMG MORI enables even faster milling and shorter machining times.

The speedMASTER 30k is an optimal spindle for users who want to implement high-speed milling over long machining sequences on tool and mould parts. In addition, the high-speed spindle shows its strengths when tools with small diameters are used. This allows small, complex workpieces to be machined highly efficiently and with optimum quality – for example, when drilling semiconductor components. Existing machines can be easily upgraded to the speedMASTER 30k, as it has the same mounting interface as the 15 000rpm and 20 000rpm spindles.

The development of the speedMASTER 30k is the result of many years of experience in high-speed milling. Their manufacture is carried out entirely at DMG MORI, so that the machine tool manufacturer can ensure the highest quality. As with all MASTER spindles, a warranty of 36 months with no term limit applies. Furthermore, the speedMASTER 30k is an additional step into a more environmentally friendly production. The significantly shorter machining times reduce CO2 emissions and power consumption.

Energy-efficient machines for the shop floor of the future
The topic of energy efficiency is becoming increasingly relevant for users of machine tools – both for their own carbon footprint and against the backdrop of rising costs. In DMG MORI, they will find a supplier that has been pushing the issue for years and is promoting resource-efficient operation of its machines with its “Greenmode” in a way that is as innovative as it is effective for the public.

The holistic measures around the energy-efficient machine are summarised under the label DMG MORI Greenmode, with which up to 40 per cent of the total energy costs in the operation of a machine tool can be saved. To this end, DMG MORI has already implemented a large number of innovative improvements in the standard.

The innovative highlights include: The energy-optimised design of the structure of the machines, the recovery of braking energy, the use of LED lighting, the use of frequency-controlled pumps and efficient motors, the use of energy-efficient refrigeration units, the integration of the Zero Sludge chip conveyor, the installation of a zeroFOG oil mist separator, intelligent functions for automated start-up and shut-down of the machine, an AI based chip disposal and an Energy Dashboard to measure, visualise and continuously improve energy management on the DMG MORI machine.

The Greenmode Energy Package
DMG MORI offers optional further options for efficient energy and cost savings. One of the new additions is the Greenmode Energy Package. The optional offer includes: Coolant Flow Control for up to 22 per cent energy savings through intelligent pressure and flow control in the cooling lubricant circuit area, the Air Control module with its innovative on-off switching and monitoring for an energy saving of five per cent as well as a Feed Control Module for power-dependent feed control, which enables a further energy saving of three per cent.

In total, the energy-saving effects add up to 30 per cent compared to the predecessor machines. This is good for the environment and also saves more and more money in view of dramatically rising energy costs. As a result, the costs for the “Greenmode Energy Package” are also amortised more and more quickly. In an example calculation based on German standard prices and depending on the machine type, an electricity price of 0.34 cents/kWh and a machine running time of 3 000 machine hours/year results in a payback period of just 1.7 years.

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