EDM Shop appointed agents for Yawei sheetmetal forming machine tools

Product range includes fiber lasers, press brakes and punch-laser combination machines.

EDM Shop have announced that they have been appointed to represent Jiangsu Yawei Machine Tool Co Ltd (Yawei) in South Africa. Established in 1956 Yawei has grown into one of the leading enterprises in the sheetmetal processing machine tools industry in China. Yawei develops, manufactures and sells CNC turret punching machines, CNC press brakes, CNC laser cutting machines, flexible cells and systems, automatic coil lines and linear and horizontal multi-joint robots.

The company has successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, being the first public company in sheetmetal forming machine tools industry in China to do so. Yawei has in the region of 1 300 employees, with total assets of RMB 2.2 billion (US dollars 330 million) and net assets of RMB 1.6 billion (US dollars 240 million). The company has been successively awarded a number of Chinese Machinery Industry awards and is reported to be amongst the top 30 companies in the machine tool industry in China.

“Yawei has over 25 years of experience in building premium sheetmetal machinery. The brand success is built on Yawei’s commitment to building feature-packed machinery, at a competitive price point,” said Steve Andrews of EDM Shop.

“Rand for rand, the HLF series fiber laser from Yawei is in a league of its own and will open up possibilities for companies all across the laser cutting sector, from start-ups, through to full production, three-shift environments. The HLF series fiber laser is one of the latest to be released by Yawei and was launched at a recent EuroBlech exhibition, the world’s number one exhibition in this field of metalworking,” continued Andrews.

“Yawei fiber laser systems offer a number of significant benefits including extreme accuracy, speed and consistency of cut, combined with very low operating and maintenance costs. All HLF series fiber lasers arrive standard with Precitec (German) auto-focus cutting heads and IPG (USA) laser sources. Combine this with a Siemens 840DSL controller and a fabricated, fully annealed frame and you quickly start to see the benefits of these machines when compared to other units in the market,” Andrews added.

“The Yawei HLF series is a 2nd generation high performance fiber laser cutting machine, with a significant improvement in cutting performance. There is a dual-drive gantry structure basement with automatic exchangeable worktable, which doubles productivity. It has a superfast cutting speed for thin plates and stabilised cutting performance in moderate to thick plates.”

“The laser power for this range is available from 2kW to 4kW and table sizes are 3 000mm x 1 500mm, 4 000mm x 2 000mm and 6 000mm x 2 000mm.”

“Yawei also offers a variety of other models of lasers up to 6 000mm x 2 000mm with capacities from 2kW to 8kW.”

“We have an HLF 1530 D fiber laser arriving in January 2021 for a client in the hardware industry. This is the first machine that we have sold in South Africa and it will be our reference point for future sales. The machine has a 2kW IPG source and a table size of 3 000mm by 1 500mm and the company will initially be using it in a jobbing environment.”

“Overall the Yawei range of fiber lasers are simple to operate and user friendly. Running the machine is a basic task and it saves time and effort. Another attraction is that it uses filtered compressed air, which costs less in the long-term due to its lower cost compared to traditional assist gases. The etching feature is also well liked,” explained Andrews.

“However, Yawei does not just focus on fiber laser manufacture. They are also known for their fiber laser tube cutting machines, 3D fiber laser cutting machines, servo and hydraulic turret punching machines, punch-laser combi machines, punch-shear combi machines, press brakes, shearing machines, automatic bending centers and automation cells and systems.”

“We will be marketing all of these machines in South Africa.”

For further details contact EDM Shop on TEL: 011 762 5231 or visit www.edmshop.co.za