Editor’s Comment


Editor’s Comment

January 2023

We humans are not going away

November 2022

Getting back to normal

September 2022


July 2022

Two examples of competent engineering in South Africa

May 2022

Think broadly for technology and automation: Getting back to travel internationally

March 2022

Imagine reporting your best financial results since 2008, this is despite what the world has gone through in the last two years

January 2022

We, as South Africans, like and adapt to new technology

November 2021

Is investment in automation the route to go?

September 2021

South African influenced eTrack – an integrated manufacturing and production management platform – has the potential to make impact on the manufacturing world

July 2021

Confidence in African manufacturing growing, but is South Africa missing opportunities?

May 2021

China’s relentless influence

March 2021

Steel industry supply is a worry

January 2021

How different the ‘way’ can be

November 2020

Even the scenario planners can’t plan!

September 2020

You can’t do everything online. Watching a machine work virtually is just not the same

July 2020

Reindustrialise South Africa – don’t let it be just another catchphrase

May 2020

Lockdown issue

March 2020

We are open for business

January 2020

2020 – The decade to tackle inefficiency and incompetency

November 2019

Times of uncertainty lie ahead

September 2019

Are you reimagining your manufacturing processes?

July 2019

What can we learn from Brazil?

May 2019

Make it a must visit – EMO 2019

March 2019

Embracing technology and having a positive outlook

January 2019

A new year, a new start

November 2018

What does the future look like?

September 2018

The importance of communication

July 2018

Eskom (temporarily?) pulls the final plug on Ramaphoria – it’s anyone’s guess

May 2018

Academia and manufacturing can connect

March 2018

Mr. President: Focus on mining and manufacturing

January 2018

How deep does the looting go?

November 2017

Get a balanced viewpoint on visiting EMO

September 2017

EMO 2017 exhibition is around the corner

July 2017

Did you miss out?

May 2017

Support your industry suppliers

March 2017

Industry 4.0 – hype or real value?

January 2017

Let’s keep our local manufacturing sector buoyant

November 2016

Putting the brakes on bad driving habits

September 2016

Perceptions without facts cause problems

July 2016

Keep the big picture in mind

May 2016

Look after our skills and resources

March 2016

Using the ‘Internet of things’ to your advantage

January 2016

A challenging year ahead

November 2015

Expectations exceeded at EMO 2015

September 2015

Sparking innovation: Friend or foe?

July 2015

All doom and gloom for South Africa? Maybe not…

May 2015

The new technologies

March 2015

The technology is there ̶ it is up to us as to how we use it

January 2015

It is time for us to be proactive

November 2014

You can’t spin everything

September 2014

Automation, automation, automation!!!

July 2014

We need entrepreneurs, not government interferance

May 2014

A weak Rand versus a strong Rand

March 2014

It all starts at home

January 2014

What does 2014 hold in store?

November 2013

Is the honeymoon period over in the motor industry?