Edgecam is first CADCAM system to incorporate Sandvik Coromant Adveon tool library

Edgecam, CADCAM software from Vero Software, is the first package to integrate the Sandvik Coromant Adveon tool library, allowing easy construction of tool models for use in NC programme generation and testing. The capability will be built into Edgecam’s 2014 R2 software release.

Adveon accepts electronic tool catalogues in ISO 13399 format, allowing users to build tool assemblies and then import the resulting ‘solid tools’ into Edgecam. This allows real-life simulation of cutting tools, in contrast to the approximations that are often used.


The integration provides customers with a single source of data for multiple CNC systems. The library allows the rapid building of tooling databases and ensures automatic access to 3D CAD models for accurate simulation and visualisation. The engineer’s input is reduced, improving both consistency and quality of data.

By offering a standardized methodology for cutting tool suppliers to deliver digital tool data to customers, Adveon simplifies and speeds CAD/CAM programming. Support for the ISO 13399 cutting tool data standard allows selection of tools from any supplier and assures the accuracy of the geometrical information. Customers can develop their own libraries, quickly build tool assemblies and see immediate results in 2D and 3D.


Klas Forsström, president of Sandvik Coromant, explains: “Pressure to reduce time from design to production, combined with the ever-increasing complexity of tools, makes rapid access to accurate and current tool data more critical than ever. Companies can no longer afford to rely on manual data entry and operators need a single tool library that can manage tools from multiple manufacturers. Adveon has been designed from the ‘ground up’ to address these challenges.”

Edgecam general manager Raf Lobato adds: “Integration of the Adveon tool library into the market-leading Edgecam CADCAM system will help customers boost productivity and security, especially in 3- to 5-axis manufacturing operations. Adveon will be included in all new Edgecam licences and will provide a single tool library for multiple applications.” Adveon will be free with Edgecam for 2014.

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