Edgecam 2022 CAD/CAM software advancements anticipate more efficient production

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence reveals future capabilities for its Edgecam 2022 software, details newest enhancement for WorkNC CAD.

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has revealed future capabilities for milling and turning under Edgecam 2022, as well as the “manufacturing aware” WorkNC CAD feature for mould and die makers.

Edgecam 2022’s newly added support for 6-axis milling and turning machines enables programming of the cutter head into positions in one set up, which Hexagon says required a series of sequences in the past. The software also supports 3+2 machining and complex 5-axis simultaneous milling in all configurations. Additionally integrated with Edgecam is a new component called NCSIMUL Essential, which reportedly provides full simulation of 3-axis milling parts. NCSIMUL is Hexagon’s high-end CNC simulation software for G-code verification. Users can dynamically interact with a toolpath and pinpoint exactly which line of code is being simulated.

Moreover, Hexagon also highlights the latest version of its WorkNC CAM software. Its newest enhancement is the integration of a “manufacturing aware” CAD application called Designer, giving all WorkNC users on-demand access to CAD functionality to heal missing faces, extend surfaces and cap holes and pockets in preparation for manufacturing. Users can also employ a hybrid design approach combining surface and solid entities using direct modelling techniques. A one-click transfer of completed designs directly into the CAM software ensures more efficient production. Also notable are the new advances in WorkNC’s programming capabilities that reduce the time spent calculating toolpaths and help to generate faster, more efficient code for reduced cycle times.

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