Edgecam 2022.1 releases new enhancements

Several new enhancements have been made in Edgecam 2022.1. Major updates to highlight include: Holder collision avoidance, Advanced 5-axis deburring cycle, Tombstone manager, Thread milling, Machine tool configuration improvements, Automatically set stock and fixture attributes from Designer, Waveform roughing, Waveform turning, Rough grooving cycle and Machine simulation.

Holder collision avoidance
A major new function called Dynamic Holder Collision Avoidance, which affects most of the machining cycles and manufacturing environments, is introduced in Edgecam 2022.1.

During toolpath creation, Edgecam 2022.1 checks for collision between the tool and its holder against both the target solid model, stock and fixture. When a collision is detected the toolpath is automatically altered, removing the problematic lines of code.

Edgecam 2022 simulates turn-mill with X-axis on the spindle

Not only will this new functionality provide safe and secure toolpaths right first time but it will remove the need to create extra support geometry such as check surfaces or wireframe boundaries.

Advanced 5-axis deburring cycle
Edgecam 2022.1 adds another new machining strategy to the Advanced 5-axis Cycle. The new Deburring strategy will automatically detect sharp edges and creases on a solid model and create a dynamic toolpath that removes all unwanted burrs. As components parts are now ‘burr-free’, users can be assured that the quality of their products will increase for little or no extra time burden.

Tombstone manager
Edgecam’s best in class multipart machining module has been further improved to support component parts with 5-axis simultaneous toolpaths. This is in response to user needs as the amount of 5-axis style components is steadily increasing. A further tombstone enhancement will result in shorter cycles times as users can now control the manner in which each movement is performed during tool changes.

Thread milling
As most of the users are machining either tapped or threaded holes, Edgecam 2022.1 introduces the ability to determine the Plunge Feed within the Thread milling cycle. Formerly, the cycle used the main feed rate which could result in a lower cycle time. Being able to use an appreciably faster feed rate as the tool enters the hole can significantly increase production throughput.

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