“EcoTurn” – Tungaloy’s new series for cost reduction in general turning

In today’s economy where price pressure is a major factor for the modern machine shop, the Tungaloy Corporation has now developed a new range of economical turning inserts that are cost effective for the end user while delivering performance benefits beyond the realms of alternate products. The new EcoTurn line from Tungaloy is a series of inserts that are dimensionally smaller than standard ISO insert ranges. Therefore, EcoTurn are not only economical but also eco-friendly inserts, which need fewer resources than standard size inserts. However, despite the smaller size insert, the performance of the EcoTurn range is equal to standard size inserts.

The new EcoTurn series incorporates the same chipbreaker designs as Tunagloy’s industry leading turning lines with identical insert thicknesses for enhanced strength. The innovative new ISO turning line offers exceptional economy by reducing the tooling cost per insert corner while providing performance levels equal to Tungaloy’s leading turning brands when machining at depths of cut up to 3 mm. Aimed at the general machine shop, the application range of the EcoTurn is extremely diverse.

The EcoTurn series is available with CNMG, DNMG, TNMG, WNMG insert forms and the grades on offer include the Tungaloy T9115 and T9125 CVD coated inserts for steel machining with remarkable versatility. For finish turning, the NS9530 Cermet and GT9530 coated Cermet grade with its exceptional fracture resistance is the insert of choice.

The new EcoTurn line has been created to generate improved profit margins for end users through reduced tooling costs. This benefit is widely available for Tungaloy customers as the tooling specialist has made the series available with a vast array of insert types and grades with a mass selection of chipbreaker designations. The chipbreakers include Tungaloy’s TSF, TM, SS and SM types. These chipbreaker designations give the end user a choice of inserts for finishing to medium cutting applications for all four of the insert forms on offer.

To accommodate the new EcoTurn range of inserts, Tungaloy has expanded a series of “Turning A” toolholders that utilise double clamping design to increase clamping forces and rigidity. The double clamping system improves stability and cutting performance while the newly designed position of the clamping reduces chip adhesion and thus enhances chip-flow away from the work envelope. The new toolholders are available for right or left hand cutting in metric and imperial dimensions and combining with the insert types. The EcoTurn range is suitable for turning, facing and profiling processes.

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