Easy selection breaker system – Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi has simplified the way in which its range of chip breakers are named. In the increasingly competitive and complex world of metal cutting, a new system that first identifies the cutting mode, light medium or roughing (L, M and R), then the ISO material specification, (P,M,K and S) was thought to be the best way for users to quickly identify which insert was most suitable for their application.

In conjunction with the launch of several new turning grades for steel, stainless steels, cast iron and difficult to cut materials, the new breaker naming system aims to provide clarity and a correct choice that ensures the high performance and productivity levels the end user is seeking.

New MC5000 series inserts
Amongst the new turning grades, 2 new types for cast iron, MC5005 and MC5015 will be available from October. Incorporating a new CVD coating and an updated carbide substrate. The substrate has been developed to work in tandem with the coating layers to provide the best combination. The substrate has an ideal internal composition and distribution of hardness and toughness that offers extreme plastic deformation resistance nearer the surface but also provides the overall toughness required in the core to prevent insert breakage under heavier loads and during interrupted cutting.

MC5005 has been found to give excellent results against existing coated carbide grades and ceramics during continuous turning of grey cast iron (GG30). Additionally the grade MC5015 was tested on a tough interrupted cutting application; ductile cast iron material (GGG70), resulting in longer tool life than expected.

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