Duncan Macdonald & Co develops environmentally friendly cutting fluid

Designed to keep up with advances in automated chip and fluid processing, N’VIRO Gold cutting fluids do not contain chlorinated solvents or harmful chemicals and are blended with vegetable esters and selected animal fats to ensure excellent lubrication for the most extreme pressure applications.

In an industry where the focus is on saving costs on lubricant spend while still wanting improved tool life and improved component finish it is refreshing to see a local company respond to the growing need for metalworking facilities to comply with environmental guidelines and to promote cleaner machining operations.

“We are very well-known in the market for our Tapmatic cutting fluid. As more and more pressure is put on the manufacturing industry to become environmentally friendly, authorities are going to look at all areas of manufacture. Cutting fluids are necessary in many metalworking operations but generally are very difficult to dispose of or recycle,” said Keith Opperman of Duncan Macdonald & Co.

“We started our research and development over 10 years ago with a specific SOE utility requesting a replacement for an imported product that had become very expensive. This utility is now one of the biggest users of our N’VIRO Gold cutting fluids.”

“Because the products do not contain chlorinated solvents or harmful chemicals, but rather consist of vegetable esters and selected animal fats. This eliminates expensive post processing services and of course is very helpful and contributes to an environmentally healthy situation.”

“We have developed three different variations for different applications and uses.”

“N’VIRO Black is a straight oil possessing strong friction reducing properties. It’s designed for use with metals of low machinability – applications like broaching, milling and threading – and we recommended it especially for use on smaller diameter taps. Customers are even using it in spray applications such as stamping.”

“N’VIRO Yellow possesses strong friction reducing properties and designed for tough operations with enough lubricity for the most extreme pressure applications. We recommended it especially for use on larger diameter taps.”

“N’VIRO Blue with Evap is our latest in-house developed environmentally friendly cutting fluid that is blended with vegetable oils and natural solvents and is known for its evaporation features, in other words the liquid substance (cutting fluid) becomes a gas when it is heated and it evaporates. But because we do not use harmful ingredients when manufacturing, this evaporation is not harmful to the environment.”

“We are busy working on a fourth formulation which will be known N’VIRO Green.”

“The N’VIRO Gold cutting fluids are available in 500ml cans, 5 litre cans, 25 litre drums and 200 litre drums. We also supply a spray in a 300ml aerosol spray, a cream in a 500ml tub and a wax version in a 500ml tub.”

“Broaching, milling and threading are not the only applications where our product can be used. We have mentioned using it as a spray in a stamping operation and it can also be used in drilling, turning, reaming, boring and tapping operations.”

“In a machining environment N’VIRO Gold cutting fluids are used on all materials that are machined or cut in a metalworking shop.”

For further details contact Duncan Macdonald & Co on TEL: 011 444 4345 or visit www.macduck.co.za