Doosan Puma TW 2600/M-GL

The Doosan Puma TW 2600/M-GL, a high productivity, 240mm class, two spindle turning center with a high speed gantry loader.

This new generation Puma is the direct result of input from the automotive industry for a turning center that cuts the maximum amount of time from high volume production runs. The new machine is a complete upgrade of the previous model with features that give it a larger working range in addition to making it faster and more convenient to use.

Idle time has been minimised by reducing the gantry loader handling time during both the loading and unloading cycle. The Y-axis rapid traverse rate is 34% faster than the previous model and faster than the nearest competitor. The gantry loader cycle time is 28% shorter. The built-in Doosan Loader Guidance software also provides easy and convenient gantry loader operation and machine maintenance.

The new Puma comes standard with a high-power spindle which generates a maximum 19 kW and 603Nm of torque. The spindle length of 513mm is 6% shorter than the previous model to reduce vibration and noise. This translates to better machining surface, longer tool life and the improvement of working conditions. The bearing size of 110mm is 10% bigger than the previous model to enhance spindle rigidity and improve heavy duty machining capability.

The maximum standard workpiece size for the new Puma model is 120mm by 200mm with a maximum weight of 6kg. The large 10-station turret has a maximum turning diameter of 360mm for rigidity and a bigger working area. A new servo turret mechanism reduces the chance of mechanical error and shortens mechanical response time for high speed indexing, which dramatically improves customer productivity.

“Every second counts when producing high volumes of small parts,” said a Doosan spokesperson.

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