Doosan DVF 5000 5-axis machining center

Compact type simultaneous 5-axis machine tool enabling high-speed and complex machining.

The DVF 5000, Doosan Machine Tools’ next-generation 5-axis compact machining center, offers a diverse range of tailored options, automation, and maximum convenience, enabling unmanned machining. As such, it is part of the company’s lineup of multitasking machines designed for machining diverse and complex shapes.

The Doosan DVF 5000 5-axis machining center is a rigidly built machine equipped with an 18.5 kW/12 000 rpm directly-coupled spindle (18 000 rpm built-in option). Available initially with the Heidenhain iTNC640 control, DVF 5000 models with Fanuc and Siemens controls will be available later in the year.

The DVF 5000 boasts 40m/min rapid feed rates on X, Y and Z axes, is equipped with linear guides for improved accuracies and features a 500 by 450mm table (630 by 450mm table also available) that can carry a maximum load of 400kg. A servo-driven ATC that can hold up to 120 tools with a 1.3 second tool-to-tool changeover time is a further feature.

The table is designed for user-friendliness and consummate work efficiency, while the motor for turning the B and C axes features a spur gear for enhanced anti-abrasion and durability. Nodular cast iron has been applied to the entire structure to prevent structural sagging, while the addition of supports makes it possible to machine workpieces weighing as much as 400kg with great power and precision.

The machine can be fitted with 12 000 r/min direct-connected and built-in spindles as optional features, while the built-in spindle offers a maximum speed of 18 000 r/min, making it suitable for high-productivity machining of diverse workpieces.

The tool magazine with a maximum capacity of 120 tools can perform diverse machining with one setting, while the tool length measurement device (optional) can perform precision machining.

In particular, there’s only a short distance from the centre of the DVF 5000’s pallet to its door surface, enabling the operator to easily check the machining status. The multi covers that are designed for automated loading and unloading of workpieces enable the opening and closing of the center, allowing the crane to reach the centre of the pallet. In addition, the auto workpiece change system realises fully automated, unmanned machining.

The improved coolant tank filter facilitates the discharge of chips, thus offering an optimal solution for machining difficult-to-cut workpieces.

The tool magazine with a capacity of 120 tools improves productivity, while the adoption of a tool length measuring device as a standard provides additional support for precision machining.

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