DMG MORI to install solar power system for self-use in Japan

First installation has already been producing 5 400kW of power since February 2023.

DMG MORI will install a solar power generation system on the rooftops of Iga Campus (Mie Prefecture), the largest production base of the DMG MORI Group.

Covering a roof area of 130 000 m2 for a capacity of 13 400kW, it will be the largest solar power generation system for self-use ever built in Japan. The construction of the first batch of solar panels began in August 2022 and was completed as planned. The first batch has started generating 5 400kW of power on February 1, 2023. The current panel size will generate six million kWh per year, which will cover approximately 13 per cent of the annual power demand at Iga Campus.

The second batch of solar panels will be completed by next year and start providing 5 200kW (5.2 MW) from February 2024. The third batch will start operation by December 2024 to generate additional 2 800kW (2.8 MW) for a total of 13 400 kW (13.4 MW). After the third batch, the complete solar power generation system will supply 14 million kWh (14 000 MWh) per year, which will cover 30 per cent of the annual power demand at Iga Campus.

The solar power generation system will be an on-site PPA model provided by TESS Engineering Co., Ltd. (Yodogawa-ku, Osaka). All generated electricity will be used for self-consumption at Iga Campus, reducing the production site’s CO2 emissions by approx. 5 300 tons per year. By installing solar power generation systems, DMG MORI can secure a stable power source for the long term to avoid market fluctuations or fuel supply problems and strengthen its business resilience and reduce CO2 emissions through renewable energy.

DMG MORI is making various efforts toward a carbon-neutral, recycling-oriented, and sustainable society. In the area of renewable energy, DMG MORI is already using CO2-free electricity at all its sites in Japan and since May 2022, a newly built biomass plant is in operation at Iga Campus that utilises wood chips as fuel for carbon-neutral power generation. Another solar power generation system has been in operation at DMG MORI’s Davis Plant in California, the US since November 2022 and from February 2025 Nara Campus will also begin generating solar power.

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