DMG MORI Robo2Go 2nd Generation: Flexible automation, simply programmed

With the new second generation of the Robo2Go, DMG MORI presents an innovation from its automation portfolio. It can be operated on the CLX and CLX series turning centers as well as the turn&mill complete machining centers from the CTX TC series. The flexible robot automation is easy to operate via new software. The processes can be directly created with the Robo2Go 2nd Generation based on predefined programme modules and even without any knowledge of robot programming. This means that teaching a new workpiece takes less than 5 minutes, making the Robo2Go 2nd Generation an ideal and flexible solution for small and medium-sized batches.

Automation from a single source
Automation solutions are one of the most important key topics for DMG MORI. Customers can receive a wide range of productive standard automations from a single source. All CLX lathes can be automated by means of the new Robo2Go 2nd Generation. The robot is optionally available with 10kg, 20kg or 35kg load capacity and moves workpieces up to 170mm. Its dialogue-guided control is easy to operate even without previous robot programming skills. Additionally, the CLX series can be equipped with the gantry-loading system GX6 that can be individually customised to the customers’ needs.

A robot solution for the milling machines of the CMX V and CMX U series is the WH CELL. The modular automation system is designed for many different workpieces and is available with single or double gripper including customised gripper jaws. The CMX V and CMX U series can also be automated by means of the PH 150 pallet handling. The load capacity is 150kg or optionally 250kg, while two pallet sizes are possible: 10 pallets with 320 x 320mm each or six pallets with 400 x 400mm each.

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