DMG MORI replaces its entry-level EcoTurn and EcoMill machines with CLX and CMX ranges

End of the line for Ecoline.

From 1 September 2016 DMG Mori replaced its entry-level EcoTurn and EcoMill machine tools with new models that were launched at the AMB show in Stuttgart, Germany in September.

The new ranges are CLX for lathes, CMX V for basic vertical milling machines and CMX U for basic universal milling machines. The company says that the change offers customers greater modularity, technology and quality.

The CLX range currently consists of only one model, the CLX 450 (650mm swing over bed; 465mm swing diameter over cross slides) and a new multi-touch control with Operate 4.7 on Siemens, launched at the AMB show in Germany. It will soon be joined by the CLX 2500, planned to launch at the JIMTOF show in Japan in November, and a smaller-format CLX 350 machine launching in February next year.


The three models of vertical milling machines, all based around a C-frame cast iron bed, each offer Y and Z axis travels of 560 and 510mm respectively. X-axis travels (in mm) are indicated in the model name: CMX 600 V, 800 V and 1100 V. All three were launched at the AMB show held in Germany in September.

The two models in the universal range both include a swivelling rotary table for 5-sided machining. The CMX 50 U offers spindle travels of 500 by 450 by 400 in X, Y and Z (around a 630mm diameter table), the CMX 70 U has spindle travels of 750 by 600 by 520 in X, Y and Z around an 800mm diameter table.

Depending on the machine, users can choose a touchscreen control with Operate 4.7 on Siemens, Mapps IV on Fanuc or, and this is new, Heidenhain TNC 620 control.

As far as modularity goes, some of the machines can be extended with extra options. In particular, an option available on the CLX 450 lathe is +/- 60mm Y-axis travel, allowing milling operations. New options for the CMX V range includes a Lehmann table rotoFix clamping system and a Blum NT F-140 probe. All three vertical machines can be fitted with an NC rotary table for 4-axis machining. On the CMX U machines a through-spindle air blast is optional.

Extra technology cycles are also optionally available for the CLX 450. It’s Easy Tool Monitoring offering controlled stop in case of tool breakage, among other features. For both CMX ranges it’s Machine Security Control and for the CMX U range there is ‘3D quickset’, a toolkit for checking and correcting 4- and 5-axis machine kinematics.

The company adds that a small amount of Ecoline machines are available for delivery and installation in 2016. Furthermore, the company states that it will continue to support existing Ecoline machines with service and spare parts.

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