DMG Mori machine performs 3D printing and turn-mill operations

The Lasertec 3000 DED, built by DMG MORI, has turn-mill and additive manufacturing capabilities. The hybrid machine performs conventional metal cutting and directed energy deposition AM, the process of 3D printing or repairing part features by applying and lasing layers of metal powder that harden on the workpiece.

The machine rapidly deposits material on workpieces up to Ø 400mm by 1 321mm, according to DMG MORI. And the powder feeder can switch among different types of metal powder, facilitating deposition of multiple powders in layers on one base material. Furthermore, different types of powder can be premixed before application, allowing the user to produce composite materials and realize a range of depositions, repairs, and coating processes.

Other features include continuous measuring and monitoring of the laser build-up process and automatic regulation of the laser power in real-time. Additionally, one software package governs the entire process chain, from design to additive and subtractive manufacturing to finishing.

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