DMG Mori launch four world machine premieres – Large machines and large capacity in renovated Pfronten facility

New software-based productivity tools for its Celos CNC machine operating system will be launched in April 2015.

Although the recent share offer has been headline news, the purpose of the annual DMG Mori event in Pfronten held in February 2015 is about machine tool technology and related developments. And a record 7 000 visitors make the pilgrimage to the town in the south of Bavaria to view this. They were not disappointed this year. DMG Mori had four world machine premieres.

DMU 100 P duoBLOCK and DMC 125 FD duoBLOCK
These two fourth-generation 5-axis milling machines are now 30% more rigid, partly through strengthened components; 30% more accurate, partly through extra cooling, and feature a new wheel-type modular tool magazine. The DMU 100 P travel is 1 000 by 1 250 by 1 000mm. The DMC 125 FD turn-mill machine has travels of 1 250 by 1 250 by 1 000mm.

Another benefit of the duoBLOCK® principle are the extensive building blocks for customized complete solutions in a wide range of applications. The choice of spindles, for example, includes ideal versions for all areas, from high-speed through to heavy duty machining – including the motor spindle powerMASTER® 1000 with 1,000 Nm torque at 9,000 rpm or the drive spindle available from quarter 4/2015 up to 1,300 Nm at 8,000 rpm.

Another innovation is the modular wheel magazine with up to 453 tool positions, which can be loaded in parallel to main production and idle times and requires little space due to a footprint reduced by 41%. Short provisioning times of max. 5.6 seconds and changeover times of 0.5 seconds also increase productivity of the duoBLOCK® machines.

Like all new high-tech machines, the two world premieres in the duoBLOCK® area feature CELOS® from DMG MORI as a standard user interface.



DMU 270 U
The DMU 270 U has a 50% greater traverse (2 700 mm) and 30% greater longitudinal (2 700 mm) and vertical (1 600 mm) travels than the previous DMC 210 U. It has a new design B-axis milling head that boasts wider swivel, from 210 to 250 degrees, and this works with a more rigid and more accurate NC rotary table (maximum speed 14 rpm).

Other features include a large work area for workpieces with diameters up to 3 000 by 1 600 mm and weights of up to 9,000 kg; 50 % higher dynamics thanks to new drive technology on NC rotary table; The new powerMASTER 1000® motorised spindle with 9,000 rpm, a maximum of 77 kW and 1,000 Nm torque guarantees effective heavy-duty chip removal; Perfect roughing and finishing operations, thanks to the moulding spindle with 15,000 rpm with 52 kW at 404 Nm in conjunction with HSK-A100 interface and Spindle Growth Sensor (SGS) and high precision with 12 μm by way of intelligent temperature management and 3-point support


CTX beta 1250 TC lathe
The CTX beta 1250 TC lathe, now in its second generation has a swing capacity of 500 mm and length of 1 210 mm. It boasts a longer Y-axis stroke and shorter compactMASTER spindle that offers 170 mm of machining space. Energy consumption has been reduced by 25%.

Other features include ultra-compact turning-milling spindle for minimum space requirement in the work area with 20 % higher torque, HSK-A63, 12,000 rpm, 22 kW and 120 Nm, high-speed design with 20,000* rpm; 170 mm space gain thanks to new B-axis: horizontal through-drilling or boring of 350 mm long workpieces, tools up to max. 400 mm length; Up to 65% higher feed rate resulting in higher dynamics, max. 50 m/min (X / Y / Z = 40 / 40 / 50 m/min);
1 g acceleration and 60 m/min feed with linear drive in the Z-axis with highest permanent precision and 5 years warranty for the linear drive; 50 mm larger Y-stroke (250 mm) for more flexibility for off-centre machining; State-of-the-art 3D control technology: CELOS® from DMG MORI with 21.5” ERGOline® Control and Siemens and 5-axis simultaneous machining (in connection with technology cycle) via B-axis with Direct Drive technology.


Celos CNC machine operating system
From April 2015, DMG Mori will launch four new software-based productivity tools for its Celos CNC machine operating system: Service Agent, which supports predictive maintenance; Tool Handling, which aims to reduce tool set-up times by creating loading and unloading lists; Job Scheduler, which plans production; and Messenger, which gives an overview of machine status. A desktop computer version of the software will also be available.

Celos® Apps provide the user with integrated management, documentation and visualisation of order, process and machine data on a large 21.5” multi-touch screen of the ERGOline® Control. Furthermore, operation of the machine is simplified, standardised and automated.


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