Deep hole drilling, gun drilling and honing services offered – Micron Technologies

Lengths, depths, and diameters are huge factors when it comes to drilling. For the best finish possible free of burrs and chips Micron Technologies have in-house capabilities and factory trained technicians to hone or gun drill production batches on your behalf.

Ideal for short production runs, prototypes and once off requirements honing services cover diameters 1,5 mm up to 50mm in lengths up to 300mm. On the gun drilling and deep hole drilling side Micron Technologies offer services that cover diameters from 5mm to 50mm and lengths up to 2500mm.


Established in 1957, as a division of Safurnco (Pty) Ltd, Micron Technologies is a specialist supplier of bore sizing (honing), deep hole drilling (Gun and BTA) and surface finishing (superfinishing / deburring) machines and tooling. In partnership with Unisig (USA) and HTT (China), Micron are able to offer both technology leadership and lean cost solutions to meet your production requirements for gun and deep hole drilling.


Micron Technologies have for many years been associated with Sunnen for honing machines and tooling. Sunnen’s bore sizing systems range from basic manually-operated honing tools and machines to fully automated systems that provide every necessary function for bore sizing from honing and gaging to part handling. Sunnen also manufactures tube hones for light, medium and heavy-duty applications.

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