Deburr it while you make it – Tapmatic DeBurr-Z

Tapmatic’s new deburring tool for CNC machines, the DeBurr-Z floating deburring tool, will deburr it while you make it, eliminate secondary operations, is fast and offers consistent deburring, floats in compression and has an extension for top edge and underside edges, even when these are not clearly defined.

With its internal tension-compression mechanism, the DeBurr-Z deburrs both sides of a workpiece and internal hole intersections, even where surface heights vary.

The DeBurr-Z floats in the Z-axis, working in compression when deburring the top edges of a workpiece and in extension for deburring the underside. There’s also an adjustable force setting, allowing operators to compensate for different materials and cut depths, and the DeBurr-Z accepts various burrs and chamfer tools.

The DeBurr-Z can be used with spherical and angular shaped burrs made from HSS or carbide in a variety of sizes and tooth patterns. These are available from different manufacturers. Tapmatic offers special carbide burrs for topside and underside edge deburring. They also include a sharp point that can be used for engraving.. They can be used for a variety of materials including steel, aluminium and cast iron.

Deburring on a CNC machine tool provides far more consistent results than manual deburring methods. It allows you to deburr parts even when the edges aren’t well-defined, as with castings or in cross-hole applications. Best of all, it frees the operator to go do more important work.

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