DCNT: Iscar’s new SumoCham pre-thread hole drills

As pre-thread hole drilling is very popular in many industrial tapping applications, Iscar is upgrading the DCNT ChamDrill family to include similar drills that carry the more advanced SumoCham drilling heads.

The new DCNT drills have been designed for M8 to M24 ISO M standard pre-thread holes and carry two standard chamfering inserts designated AOMT 060204-45DT IC908, symmetrically mounted so that the cutting forces are balanced for optimal performance.

The AOMT 060204-45DT IC908 chamfering inserts were designed for chamfering on a wide range of materials with optimal chip formation.

The new AOMT 060204-45HD IC908 inserts were designed for chamfering low carbon steel and soft materials. They can be used on a wide range of workpiece materials and for blind as well as through hole applications, with no vibrations during chamfering due to a balanced drill construction.

SumoCham is capable of using a range of drilling heads on each drill body, which facilitates diametric versatility and offers a substantial advantage for users who change drills for the same tap operation, as the same DCNT drill can be applied for ISO “M” (coarse pitch thread) and for ISO “MF” (fine pitch thread).

For further details contact Iscar South Africa on TEL: 011 997 2700 or visit www.iscar.com