CSIR appoints industry experts to the manufacturing advisory panel for alignment with sector priorities

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has appointed a manufacturing industry advisory panel to align its manufacturing efforts with industry priorities. The appointment is part of the CSIR industrialisation strategy, which is aimed at driving economic growth and job creation in South Africa.

The CSIR’s industrialisation strategy focuses on developing and implementing innovative solutions to address key challenges facing the manufacturing sector in South Africa, including skills development, technology transfer and the adoption of advanced manufacturing techniques.

Through the CSIR Future Production: Manufacturing strategic cluster, the CSIR aims to leverage digital transformation and Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to drive the reindustrialisation of South African manufacturing industries and accelerate socioeconomic prosperity through innovative leadership.

The manufacturing industry advisory panel is composed of experts from priority sectors such as metals, machinery and mining equipment, automotive, health and medical devices, energy, and aerospace and defence within the CSIR Future Production: Manufacturing cluster.

The panel is responsible for providing guidance and inputs to establish an industrial development portfolio that aligns with the manufacturing industry and sector priorities in South Africa. “The panel members’ expertise and guidance will be invaluable as we work to drive innovation and growth in the South African manufacturing sector. We are confident that their insights and advice will help us to achieve our strategic objectives and make a significant contribution to the industry,” said CSIR executive manager Dr Ajith Gopal.

The panel members are Mining Equipment Manufacturers of South Africa CEO Lehlohonolo Molloyi, South African Medical Technology Industry Association executive officer Tanya Vogt, National Association for Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers commercial director Shivani Singh, Small Enterprise Development Agency acting CEO Nkosikhona Mbatha and Siemens Energy industrial steam turbines and generator product portfolio for Africa head Rob Louw.

“I am honoured to be part of this advisory panel and to work with such a distinguished group of experts. I look forward to contributing to the development of innovative manufacturing solutions that will have a positive impact on the South African economy and society,” said Molloyi as panel chairperson.

With the appointment of the new manufacturing industry advisory panel, the CSIR is aiming to build on its past successes and play a key role in the field of advanced manufacturing.

“With their collective expertise and knowledge, we are confident that they will help us identify new opportunities and navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of advanced manufacturing. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions to local industries and the advisory panel will play a key role in ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our field,” said CSIR operations manager Zamambo Afrika.