Cover more turning applications with Kennametal’s GUP-V geometry

The new Beyond Evolution profiling geometry enhances the capability of the best-selling grooving and cut-off platform.

Kennametal has introduced the new Grooving Universal Positive Profiling geometry (GUP-V), expanding on its Beyond Evolution grooving & cut-off platform. With the addition of the new V-shaped single-sided insert, Beyond Evolution can cover now more applications than ever and helps to save tooling cost.

Kennametal’s new Beyond Evolution GUP-V insert expands from grooving, cut-off, facing and turning to now also offer profiling applications

“Since the introduction of the Beyond Evolution platform, we have continued to focus on enhancing its versatility, and the new GUP-V multidirectional profiling insert is no exception. Together with the other insert geometries, users can now groove, cut-off, face, and turn a wide variety of materials with just a single tooling system. Simply put, when a customer adopts Beyond Evolution for their turning needs, they do not need anything else. It is that versatile,” said Robert Keilmann, Product Manager, Kennametal.

All Beyond Evolution insert styles feature the Triple-V Seating: Tight grip on the back (1) and top and bottom (2) provides maximum stability, especially when operating multidirectional turning and profiling

Like all other Beyond Evolution inserts, the GUP-V profiling insert leverages a proprietary Triple-V seating design that features contact on the top, bottom and back of the insert, providing superior rigidity that results in excellent surface finishes and dimensional accuracy while delivering the highest metal removal rates.

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