CoroBore BC from Sandvik Coromant is easier to order and less expensive than engineered tools

Latest boring cutters offer up to four operations in a single tool.

Cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant is introducing its CoroBore® BC (Boring Combination) range of solutions, which comprises Tailor Made tools for high-volume applications. Using CoroBore BC it is possible to perform different operations such as semi-finishing and chamfering with a single tool. Manufacturers set to benefit include those serving the automotive, general engineering and construction equipment sectors.

CoroBore BC offers a quick and easy alternative when standard tools do not match up to specific requirements, but the cost and delivery time of a specially engineered solution are prohibitive. The process is fast as Sandvik Coromant personnel utilise an online programme that automatically creates the tool and provides price and delivery information.

“The productivity advantages offered by CoroBore BC tools are based on eliminating unnecessary tool changes and reducing cycle times,” says Jenny Nilsson, Global Product Manager, Sandvik Coromant.

“Among the many strengths of the new solution is the capability to offer these benefits at much shorter notice, thanks to an automated design and quoting process. The Sandvik Coromant representative simply goes through the required operations and parameters with the customer, and enters the parameters via a web-based design interface. Once this is complete, the system instantly produces the tool design and quote.”

Thanks to the various CoroBore BC options offered, a wide range of multi-step boring applications can be performed. Indeed, customers can choose from up to four machining operations in a single tool (a maximum of two cutting edges per operation). Cutting diameters range from 20 to 200mm, while tool length can be up to 400mm, depending on the coupling size. Coupling options include Coromant Capto®, HSK Form A and ISO 9766, as well as ISO/Mas-BT/Cat-V tapers. The wide range of supported coupling models and sizes usually enables direct integration with the machine interface, thus eliminating the need to use a separate basic holder.

CoroBore BC insert-carrier solutions use CoroBore cartridges. Compared with fixed insert pockets, this configuration enables easy and efficient cartridge changes. As standard stocked items, both the insert and insert carrier are easily replaceable at short notice.

The cartridges come in three configurations: Radially and axially adjustable; Axially adjustable only and non-adjustable. All cartridge options are equipped with high-precision coolant nozzles capable of using coolant pressures up to 80 bar (1160 PSI), a unique benefit in tailored multi-step boring tools.

In addition to standard ISO inserts, CoroBore BC boring tools can be fitted with proprietary CoroBore 111 inserts, which come with optimised grade options for medium and rough boring. All in all, the Sandvik Coromant insert programme offers productive geometries and grades for all types of materials and boring operations.

Ultimately, the unique benefits of CoroBore BC present machine shops with an option to receive a tool in a reduced lead-time in comparison with an engineered tool – and at a more attractive price point.

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Web users can customise tools using new online service
Customers of Sandvik Coromant can now customise a cutting tool online without having to speak with a company sales representative. As a result, the time to place an order for customised tooling solutions is reduced substantially, which in turn reduces overall tool delivery time.

Many manufacturers can benefit from using cutting tools that are not available “off the shelf”. The most common example is when a specific, non-standard hole diameter is specified. Producing such a feature typically entails an initial drilling operation followed by boring to the required size. However, by applying a small modification to an existing off-the-shelf drill, the manufacturer could create the hole according to specification using just one drill.

Previously, the process of quoting and ordering customised solutions had only been available either by downloading, completing and sending a physical form, or with the assistance of a Sandvik Coromant sales representative. As of April 1st 2019, however, any registered Sandvik Coromant web user can log in and start using the newly developed feature in their browser for free. The user can click through a few guided steps to customise a standard cutting tool to match specific requirements. In the final step of the process, the user simply places the order.

“The world of manufacturing is changing, with increasing need for greater flexibility in tooling,” says Brian Davis, Manager Global Sales Processes, Sandvik Coromant. “This trend also impacts on cutting tool suppliers. Offering customised cutting tools demands the development of advanced processes, and making this customisation option available to all our customers is a bold move, but one we know offers multiple benefits.”

Clearly, a faster tool customisation process translates directly into faster tool delivery, all without losing time in conversation with sales representatives.

Further advantages include the availability of a larger number of products on the web (beyond standard products), while there also exists new potential to review any customised products sent via the sales representative.

As well as drills, the new online service applies to parting and grooving, milling and tooling systems products.

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