Composite filament brushes from Pferd

Composite brushes from Pferd have been specifically developed for industrial, automated use. These brushes are particularly suitable for deburring complicated components such as cylinder heads, gear toothing and are even approved for aerospace use.

A benefit of Pferd plastic filament brushes, when compared with traditional wire brushes, is their cool grinding capability and lack of sparks. Unlike steel, stainless steel and brass wire brushes, composite filament brushes have minimal risk of a piece of filament breaking off and staying behind on componentry, such as sophisticated gearing that has zero tolerance for contamination.

Filament shapes
Abrasive grains are embedded in flexible plastic filaments, meaning the filament works on the sides and at the tip. Pferd offers composite brushes with round and rectangle filaments, in a variety of filament materials, suitable for a host of abrasive applications.

The round filaments are particularly useful for applications that place demands on the flexibility of the brush while the rectangular filaments are used for applications that require aggressive abrading.

Composite filament materials
Filament material in Pferd’s range of composite filament brushes includes Silicon carbide (SiC), Aluminium oxide (AO), Ceramic oxide (CO), Diamond (DIA) and Nylon—each material exhibiting characteristics suited to specific applications.

SiC for deburring and improving a variety of surfaces while AO, which has fewer sharp edges than SiC, is ideal for smoothing, polishing and finishing on soft metals.

CO is very sharp and extremely tough, offering aggressive brushing, leading to high stock removal. And like many other DIA abrasives, this material is again suited for use on extremely hard materials.

Lastly, Nylon filament brushes are perfect for soft materials such as plastics, which would otherwise be scratched or damaged by harder material filaments.

The above-mentioned filament materials can be used on a range of materials but there are a few surfaces that these composite filaments are highly suitable for.

SiC > Steel, Stainless steel and Aluminium
AO > Aluminium
CO > Steel and hard non-ferrous metals such as titanium, bronze and cobalt
DIA > Hard non-ferrous metals and cast iron
Nylon > Plastic

Application in robotics
The Pferd composite filament brushes are suitable for a variety of applications simply because their variable clamping options allow suitability on many different drive systems, including robots. The distinct advantage of robotic applications is that a workpiece can be produced and finished on the same machine resulting in less manual work and consistent results can be achieved time after time in shorter cycles.

Pferd’s range of filament brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes including wheel, disc, and shank-mounted brushes as well as with different grains and grits available for a host of different applications.

Pferd is available to assess your application and provide you with the optimum product and machine combination to ensure the ideal and most cost effective solution.

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