CHMER EDM’s RV853L high-precision intelligent WEDM

CHMER’s latest RV853L intelligent linear motor drive WEDM is built to meet the great global demand for sophisticated machining processes in the aerospace, automobile and ICT sectors, as well as various other manufacturing industries requiring high-precision components and moulds. The RV853L is a winner of the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award for offering intelligent technologies and user-friendly functions for improved production speed and efficiency.

“The innovative RV series is designed and built to meet the needs of machining complex parts. On top of offering higher precision, greater processing efficiency and smarter industrial design, the RV series provides multiple user-friendly functions to further increase productivity for the operator,” said CHMER general manager Brad Wang.

The RV853L linear motor driven wire cut EDM, which has 32 patents, is designed with a moving column structure, remote monitoring functions, a new E8 controller, AWT and many other automation devices.

CHMER EDM’s RV853L high-precision intelligent WEDM

The new intelligent controller on the RV853L has machine diagnostics and machine utilisation analysis functions to improve the users’ benefits. Other features include the user-friendly interface, the LED display of the machining status and the 19-inch touch-sensitive control panel that provide interactive dialogue windows.

It also includes a remote monitoring system and real-time control for machining information. Users can use a laptop to monitor the machine in real-time and reduce costs by not having to check the machine physically. The automatic wire threading system allows for unmanned operation – day and night – and completes the wire threading in six seconds with an almost 100% successful rate.

The RV853L has a ‘One Touch’ automatic sliding door and an intelligent water level control system. This system senses the water level so as to fill in and drain out and achieve improve workpiece cooling and deslagging, when necessary.

Sakkie Coetzee of Extreme Machine Technologies visited TIMTOS 2019 recently. He is seen with Karel Terblanche, also of Extreme Machine Technologies and Brad Wang and Miga Wang both of CHMER

The high performance linear motor has features of high response, no vibration and backlash and is maintenance-free, says CHMER.

The machine is also manufactured with an innovative E8 electronic control system that allows for high-speed machining, is energy-saving and is stable during machining. The new discharging circuit of the E8 is said to speed up machining by 20% on a workpiece thickness of 150mm above.

Using FPGA with quick response, a wire breaking suppression and an IVC stable power supply, allows for repeat accuracy. The RV853L is equipped with an inverter chiller, which results in more energy savings. Temperature control is within ± 0.3 degree C, which increases the machining stability. A clean water circulation system extends the service life of consumables says CHMER. The filter life is enhanced two times compared to the previous system.

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