Chiron’s Variocell Pallet pairs with FZ/DZ 16 5-axis VMC

The Chiron Variocell Pallet automation cell enables the company’s FZ/DZ 16 5-axis VMC to produce small batches of a variety of workpieces productively and flexibly. Different raw parts can be clamped in one of 10 pallets mounted on a rotary table. The handling system guides one raw part after another to the machining center and removes the machined workpieces together with the pallet after the machining process is complete. A palletised part can also be machined while another is loaded.

The system can access the machining center’s work area with a transfer trolley, which is equipped with driven rollers and can be moved in three directions, avoiding the inflexibility said to be associated with rail-type systems.

The company also offers other Variocell products, such as the robot-based Variocell System and the Variocell Uno, which combines a compact robot and a 24-pallet storage unit that takes up less than 1 square meter of floorspace.

New standard for large components – Chiron FZ/DZ 25
The new Chiron FZ/DZ 25 machines will made their world premiere at EMO. They are used for highly productive machining of complex, large volume structural components for the automotive and aerospace industries. With the new machining centers, Chiron is achieving a combination of productivity, precision and flexibility that has never before been seen in this class. With a spindle distance of 800mm, the presented DZ 25 P five axis is predestined for double-spindle machining of aluminum structural components. An unbeatable advantage with large workpieces: It is operated and loaded on separate sides, which allows ideal access to the work area and a good insight into the machining process.

Greater accuracy is ensured by the spindles which can be moved independently of each other in the X and Z direction. The 25 series also only requires a small amount of floor space thanks to its compact design. Its optimal dynamics make it a compelling offering in this competitive environment. CHIRON will present the brand new DZ 25 P 5-axis with a pallet changer in the interactive showroom on its exhibition stand. The company invites to Tuttlingen for individual live presentations.

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