Castrol widens range of long-lasting cutting fluids

XBB metalworking fluids reduce the use of additives and biocides and contribute to safeguarding workers long-term health.

In 2016 Castrol reinvented the fundamentals of cutting fluid technology by developing soluble cutting fluids that dramatically reduce the need for expensive treatment additives, biocides or fungicides. Castrol is launching this technology in two new metal cutting fluids for ferrous and aluminium alloys, Castrol Hysol SL 36 XBB and Castrol Alusol SL 61 XBB.

“Since we introduced cutting fluids with XBB technology, metalworking plants all over the world have been reporting excellent results – substantial savings on additive top-ups, and dramatically increased system life,” said Dr Rudi Janner, Global Product Manager at Castrol.

“A major truck/powertrain production manufacturer adopted Castrol Hysol SL 36 XBB for manufacturing cast-iron engine blocks and has seen a 90% reduction in additive costs – and eliminated biocide use altogether.”

Metalworking fluids can suffer from bacterial growth and contamination, resulting in the fluid ‘going off’. This leads to pH depletion, unpleasant odours, unstable emulsion and poor performance. Additives and biocides have been the way to control this, but Castrol’s new XBB cutting fluid technology maintains constant pH levels and stable conditions for longer* than other standard cutting fluids.

For plants in soft water areas foaming is a particular issue, frequently flooding systems, compromising part quality and causing unplanned downtime. The two new fluids’ performance in soft water conditions will enable these plants to work consistently for longer, as well as enjoying cost savings in top-ups, biocide, and frequent fluid changes, without harmful chemicals.

Castrol Hysol SL 36 XBB is optimised for metalworking with ferrous alloys, but has also been used successfully with aluminium. Users have reported improved system life, and reduced corrosion on tools and finished parts alike.

Castrol Alusol SL 61 XBB is a versatile, high-performance fluid. It’s especially high lubricity and wetting properties make it ideal for challenging tasks with aluminium alloys.

Both formulas are designed to be low foaming in soft water conditions, and keep the fluid stable for longer, minimising the use of boron or formaldehyde-releasing agents.

* Proven in lab tests and seen in real production conditions.

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