Bystronic’s BySort add-on adds flexibility to unloading, sorting of laser-cut parts

Increase your level of automation with Bystronic’s BySort.

BySort is the new extension module for the ByTrans Cross loading and unloading automation system. The upgrade sorts the completed cut parts and thus accelerates the automation cycle of all the processes related to fiber laser cutting.

With the newly developed BySort upgrade, the ByTrans Cross is now an even more versatile unloading solution. An additional bridge is installed on the ByTrans Cross system, which can accommodate up to two sorting heads. These heads are automatically tooled using the available gripper modules.

The BySort is designed to deposit the completed parts on an additional unloading position next to the laser cutting system, which offers ByTrans Cross users an even higher degree of flexibility. Amongst other things, this supports users with the processing of large series where the individual cut parts need to be unloaded and sorted separately according to jobs. The repetition accuracy with which the BySort deposits the parts is a great advantage. Particularly with large cut parts, this is difficult to achieve manually. The accurate positioning of parts on palettes facilitates the automation of subsequent processes, because it allows the precise position detection of the parts to be further processed.

Moreover, BySort increases the speed of the entire unloading process. Bystronic achieves this thanks to the efficient design of the system unloading routes. In a first step, BySort unloads and sorts the cut parts. Subsequently, using a different route, the ByTrans unloads the residual sheet. This ensures that the laser cutting system’s shuttle table is more quickly available for the loading of the next sheet, which the ByTrans Cross fetches from its own stock or from the connected warehouse.

Integrated control on the touch screen
Both the BySort and the ByTrans Cross are controlled using the laser cutting system’s touch screen. To achieve this, Bystronic developed the ByVision Cutting user interface, which is already being used with the latest generation of Bystronic’s fiber lasers. ByVision Cutting integrates all the cutting processes and the connected automation solutions. During everyday production this allows laser cutting and the automated material feeding and removal process to be closely interlinked. Nowadays, no user should waste time, walk long distances, and carry out unnecessary procedures, just because the laser cutting system and the connected automation solution have to be operated using separate terminals. After all, for the operator, automation also means convenience.

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