Bystronic press brake range can be customised

A newly developed range of press brakes has been introduced by Bystronic that can be customised to suit a user’s requirements in terms of process speed and flexibility. The modular Xpert Pro series comprises three models, plus a variety of optional extras.

The Classic Edition is intended for prototype manufacture and job shops producing small batch sizes. With the Performance Edition, medium-sized companies can produce parts in larger series, while the Dynamic Edition is suitable for companies needing even more speed to handle batch sizes of 1 000 parts or more. Bystronic says the machines will be among the fastest on the market, with bend speeds up to 20mm/sec.

Press capacity ranges from 100 to 320 tons, enabling sheet up to 15mm thick to be processed, while bending length is either 3 or 4m. Companies that require even more flexibility can connect two machines together to bend longer parts.

Thanks to the variety of configuration options, application possibilities are extensive and an Xpert Pro can be flexibly adapted to new requirements through straightforward retrofitting of optional modules. For example, if at some point a company wants to bend complex shapes in addition to rectangular parts, it can retrofit a back-gauge with from two to six CNC axes.

Manufacturers that have already invested money in bending tools want to reuse them when they purchase a new press brake, but this is not usually possible when changing supplier as there are almost a dozen different tool systems on the market that are incompatible with each other. However, this problem has been solved by the Xpert Pro range as the machines have been designed so that tool systems from other suppliers can be used. An automatic tool changer is also available as an option.

Bystronic’s patented dynamic crowning compensation system ensures bend accuracy and consistency by automatically adjusting the curvature of the beam during the bending process. The latest generation of pressure reference technology carries out corrections in real time based on closed-loop feedback from sensors.

For even higher process reliability and repeatability, an angle-measuring system called LAMS is available as an option to compensate for spring-back and deviations in the thickness of the sheet being bent, which can be as much as 10%. Correction data for that particular material can be stored and transferred to other machines, even those not equipped with LAMS, to avoid tedious manual corrections.

Last but not least, ByVision Bending software determines the optimum process for every material thickness and bend angle. Convenient offline programming enables data to be imported without interrupting production.

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