Bystronic forms partnership with TTM Laser

Now able to support customers with 3D laser systems for cutting tubes and profiles, and welding large-format sheet metal.

For many laser sheet metal processing companies, the expansion of their production portfolio to include tube processing is a logical step in to differentiate themselves from their competitors, thanks to a wide production range. Bystronic, based in Niederönz, Switzerland will support this by entering a strategic partnership with laser-based tube and profile processing specialist TTM Laser, based in Cazzago San Martino, Italy.

Currently, Bystronic supports its customers with laser cutting and bending systems, suitable automation solutions, storage systems, and software solutions that integrate all these process steps. Adding processing of tubes and profiles will increase the value that customers will receive right across their metal processing process chain.

TTM Laser’s production facility in Cazzago San Martino, Italy

Since 2001, TTM Laser, with approximately 40 employees, has been developing 3D laser systems for cutting tubes and profiles and welding large-format sheet metals, and offering a wide spectrum of laser-based solutions. For example, users can process tubes with diameters between 12 and 815mm.

The two companies plan to use this partnership to pool know-how and drive forward innovative manufacturing technologies. For the time being, it will consist of joint sales activities, providing customers in the global target markets with optimal access to the combined processing solutions.

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