By Autonom now with rotary axis

The Bystronic laser cutting machine ByAutonom is now available with a rotary axis.

The rotary axis and the corresponding tailstock are integrated in the machine frame making it extremely user-friendly and ensuring short setup times when switching from sheet to tube processing. During sheet processing, the tailstock rests in the parking position. In addition, a wizard, which is integrated in the machine control unit, guides the operator step by step through the configuration of the next tube processing job. For example, the wizard tells the operator at which height to set the rotary axis and how to position the tailstock. During processing, the foot pedals ensure convenient operation. Thanks to these aids, even beginners achieve the best cutting results.

Bystronic introduced the ByAutonom 3015 laser cutting machine at Euroblech 2012. Developed from the beginning as a machine that operates autonomously, ByAutonom, in combination with an automation system such as the ByTrans (material handling), ByTower (compact storage tower) or ByCell (fully automated storage system), can be operated with minimal labour.

With ByAutonom the labour tasks associated with laser setups and manned operations are significantly reduced thanks to features like the Automatic Lens Cassette Changer, Automatic Nozzle Changer and Automatic Nozzle Centering. With the latter, in the event of nozzle contact with a cut part, the system will automatically re-center the nozzle and then continue with cutting. Users have the option of incorporating the ByLaser 4400 or ByLaser 6000 watt CO2 laser power sources. They also have the option of a rotary axis for the processing of tube profiles.

BySprint Fiber new with nozzle changer
From now on, the automatic nozzle changer – available on Bystronic CO2 laser cutting machines for the past two years – is also offered as an option on the BySprint Fiber.

When equipped with the nozzle changer, the machine automatically selects the optimum nozzle for every cutting plan. This increases autonomy, process reliability, and also the quality of the cut parts.

The automatic nozzle changer is fast and simple to operate, requiring no more than 15 seconds to complete a nozzle change. A total of 40 nozzles can be made available, using five magazine wheels. The individual wheels can be equipped in just a few simple steps.

The automatic nozzle changer is available for all combinations of the BySprint Fiber: in the 3015 and 4020 formats, and with 2, 3 or 4 kilowatts of laser power.

Competence Days 2013
In September, under the slogan “World Class Manufacturing”, Bystronic presented innovations and trends in the field of sheet metal processing. In 2013, Bystronic once again focusses systematically on its customers’ requirements. “In the future, we want the users of our systems to be cost-effective, efficient and fast; from the offer right through to the delivery of the manufactured parts. We support them in this with new solutions,” explains Johan Elster, Head of Business Unit Markets.

Some of the highlights were:
BySoft 7 – New functions for creating offers and production planning including Cost         Calculator – Simple calculation of part costs, PartID – Labelling cut parts and parts removal in Plant Manager
Mobile monitoring of machines and processes
BySprint Fiber – New with CutControl
ByAutonom – New with Power Cut
Bending – New functions – Xact now with 4-axis backgauge
ByVision Bending now on Windows tablet computers and with voice control
BendSolver – New for smartphones and tablet computers
Bystronic Configurator – Pressbrakes and tools online
Waterjet cutting – ByJet Smart – high-quality and compact

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