Budget Sheet Metal extends its machine portfolio

Company is also experiencing a ‘reshoring from China’ surge.

Custom CNC sheet metal fabricator Budget Sheet Metal has extended its range of press brakes to include an Amada EG 4010 press brake.

“We have a wide variety of clients in many different industries. As a result we have a wide variety of components to cut, bend, punch, profile and weld. We are already well equipped in the bending department, or so we thought. Although, our three metre machines have been well capable of bending even small components accurately, the enhanced speed of this faster and smaller machine, combined with its smaller footprint, offers the most efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process,” said Sietse Walma van der Molen, Production Director at Budget Sheet Metal Engineering.

“There has been a distinct upturn from our existing clients for smaller components. It therefore makes sense to deploy a machine that is quicker, more flexible and efficient at processing these smaller components,” added Sietse.

Custom CNC sheet metal fabricator Budget Sheet Metal has extended its range of press brakes to include an Amada EG 4010 press brake, which allows the company to bend smaller components – less than 1 000mm in width – faster and more efficiently

“The EG 4010 from Amada is a compact press brake for producing small sheet metal components that require a high degree of precision. The servo-electrically driven press brake with 400kN of press force and a beam width of 1 000mm features a high-speed dual servo power drive system with two electric motors at the top press beam. This system allows for the rapid lowering of the press beam at 220mm/s as well as for precise, powerful guidance with a positioning accuracy of up to 1/1000mm.”

“Another highlight is the new AFH tool system, which allows for multiple bending stations across the beam. Operators benefit from software support allowing them to manufacture all the parts of an assembly in a single cycle,” explained Sietse.

Two AC servomotors allow the machine to reach high approach, bending, and return speeds that yield fast part cycle times, the company reports.

Currently Budget Sheet metal are bending components in mild steel and stainless steel with thicknesses from 1mm to 3mm

The machine uses the AMNC 3i control, which is equipped with a large touchscreen and graphical interface to help simplify operation. The AMNC 3i control unit ensures full networking capability and permits external programming. Coupled with a barcode reader, programmes are received at the machine via network which include 3D visualisation and tool navigator to “teach” or show the operator where to load the different tools. Ease of use is ensured and it is Industry 4.0 equipped. All tool fitting and bend sequencing is done in the drawing office, thus reducing production time and material wastage on the shop floor through trial bending.

The multi-axis backgauge with L-Shift functionality helps speed setup for complex parts while ensuring repeatable accuracy, according to the manufacturer. Thanks to the extremely rigid machine frame, the EG-4010 can also perform stamping operations. The EG-4010 is rounded off by a new back gauge and the infra-red Digi-Pro digital protractor, which is an electronic angle measuring system connected to the control. This protractor ensures accurate angle measurement and angle correction if required.

Reshoring from China
“What has been even more interesting to us is the number of new clients that we are now acquiring. When we question them as to why it is clear that they are having to look local for their sheet metal processing. The pandemic that we are currently experiencing is forcing companies to reshore from China and other countries. It is good for the local economy,” Sietse finished off.

For further details contact Budget Sheet Metal Engineering on TEL: 011 792 5981 or visit www.budgetsheetmetal.co.za