Breaking chips with two new RhinoRush chip breakers – TaeguTec

The process of properly controlling chip formations are important in order to prevent the loss of production due to frequent halts in the machining process, as well as safety hazards to the operator, damage to the tools and work-piece.

To eliminate the negative factors in machining, TaeguTec has expanded on the power of chip breakers with two new introductions of its highly popular RhinoRush line of small and strong inserts.

The FS and MK chip breakers were released in order to improve machinability by reducing cutting forces and the crater wear of cutting tools while operations are conducted on various alloys and cutting conditions.


The RhinoRush MK chip breaker is primarily for medium applications while machining stainless steel and heat resistant materials.

What makes the MK chip breaker so special is that it is a more stable insert that offers long tool life because of its sharp edge design that minimizes built-up-edges during machining operations.

Case studies prove the effectiveness of the MK chip breaker with tool life being increased by over 300 percent compared to similar offerings by leading competitors.

For example, during the product testing phase of a workpiece made from SUS 304, the MK chip breaker coated with TaeguTec’s famous TT9080 grade witnessed an increase of tool life by 343 percent during continuous cutting conditions where speeds were 160 meters per minutes and cutting conditions were the same.


During another continuous cutting test, but this time on the difficult-to-cut material Inconel 718, tool life was increased by 159 percent with all cutting parameters the same.

The other big unveiling for the RhinoRush line is the FS chip breaker, which is primarily for finish turning.

The FS chip breaker is specifically designed to enable excellent chip control on steel finish turning with superior evacuation under low feed and low depth of cut applications.

A further benefit of the FS chip breaker is the insert’s sharp cutting edge which drastically reduces machining load resulting in minimal vibration during operations.

Two case studies worth noting show how efficient the FS chip breaker is on machining chrome alloy steel.

In both tests, TaeguTec’s RhinoRush FS chip breaker was pitted against a leading competitor’s similar cutting tool. The first increased tool life by 50 percent while the other increased tool life by 10 percent; in both cases, cutting conditions where the same with cutting speeds being over 230 m/min.

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