B&R Metrology Solutions equipped for accuracy

Opens showroom to allow prospective buyers to come and view equipment in an operating environment.

“While many companies invest heavily in CNC machine tools and related equipment, the implementation of new metrology strategies tends to happen more slowly. However, today the call for more accountability when manufacturing large or small components is getting louder. In fact it is reaching a crescendo because of ISO requirements, traceability, CE marking and many other regulatory rules and standards that are the norm rather than the exception as they were in the 20th century,” explains Bryn Labuschagne, Sales Director of B&R Metrology.

“Additionally, price pressures and to supply more accurate components are testing even the most competent engineering companies.”

“For these reasons manufacturing companies are having to rethink their metrology plans and in many cases are having to fast track their purchases for their metrology departments.”

A Nikon Altera CMM with a ceramic bridge is on display at B&R Metrology Solutions’ showroom

“On the other hand companies wanting to make purchases of advanced and accurate metrology equipment have been hamstrung in their ability to make decisions on what to purchase. Shopfloor CMM, inspection and metrology technology has advanced a great deal over the years such that highly accurate measurements can now be attained in most environments. That’s largely because today’s devices combine hardware and software elements that cancel out the influence of a facility’s fluctuating ambient temperature.”

“However, unlike machine tool suppliers who will generally have a machine tool and in most cases more than one on their showroom floor to carry out live demonstrations for prospective buyers, metrology equipment suppliers have been reluctant or more accurately reticent to have equipment in stock and ready to show the machines capabilities. There are many forms of measuring and metrology equipment, whether it is hand-held, portable or a stand-alone unit, so you can understand why.”

“Additionally, no two companies are the same and have different requirements when it comes to measuring or inspection.”

Shadow graph machines, optical comparators and Nikon portable articulating arms can be viewed in the showroom

“Since its inception B&R Metrology Solutions has focused on supplying cost-effective metrology equipment for the manufacturing industry while providing metrology professionals with the knowledge, confidence and support that empowers them to make the critical decisions required in the role of quality management.”

“We specialise in CMMs, portable inspection, portable scanning, reverse engineering and planar inspection equipment.”

Equipment on display in new showroom
“We have now taken a bold step to open up a showroom that will allow prospective buyers to come and view equipment in an operating environment. In the past they would either have to make a decision based on viewing a brochure or a video or attending an international exhibition which, as we know, is a costly exercise.”

“Now they can visit our showroom in Sunnyrock, Gauteng and have a hands-on experience of using the equipment first hand. We have decided to have a range of equipment on display that would be applicable to most companies and applications.”

“This includes the Nikon Altera CMM with a ceramic bridge. Altera is a versatile CMM platform with a wide range of standard sizes and choice of probing technology to suit every application and budget.”

“On show we also have a Nikon MCAx portable articulating arm, The MCAx manual coordinate measuring arm is a precise, reliable and easy-to-use portable 7-axis measuring arm.”

The Sisma laser welding systems for mould maintenance and repairing moulds, with and without filler material

“One of our exciting new age products that is also on display is the Inspecvision Planar sheet metal inspection equipment. The Planar is used primarily in the sheet metal and gasket industries to measure flat patterns, but it is capable of measuring any 2D parts that are opaque or even translucent. The measurement data can be used for quality control to generate complete inspection reports, or it can be used to create a DXF/DWG for reverse engineering applications.”

“The system can be used for very quickly measuring or reverse engineering flat parts that have been manufactured on laser, plasma and water jet cutting systems, as well as punched and some stamped parts.”

“There are also shadow graph machines and optical comparators. On the Renishaw side we have the latest version of the Equator, a high-speed comparative gauge for inspection of medium to high volume manufactured parts, as well as other Renishaw probing and inspection products.”

Inspecvision Planar sheet metal inspection equipment is also on display

“Not quite on the metrology or measuring side is the Sisma machine. Sisma offers several laser welding systems for mould maintenance and repairing moulds, with and without filler material. The laser parameters are managed through a practical and intuitive touch screen that allows you to manage the waveform, the diameter of welding and any rotating spindle.”

“The motivation to set up a showroom focusing on metrology, inspection and measuring systems came from the realisation that, not only was there a need in the industry for such a venue but also the importance of these disciplines in industry. All too often this side of the manufacturing process is taken casually.”

“B&R intends to show the market that we are serious about being a major contender in the metrology market and have committed to bringing high end, new age technology back into South Africa.”

For further details contact B&R Metrology Solutions on TEL: 082 852 6371 or 072 392 4934 or visit www.brmetrology.co.za