Bono Steel continues with investment plans

New Ermaksan Power-Bend Pro press brake installed via Zoom and WhatsApp help.

Bono Steel, based in Elandsfontein, Gauteng, can attribute its existence to a sister company that was involved in just machining operations and services before the owner decided to offer his clients forming and fabricating services. The company dabbled in a bit of forming with an investment in a couple of press brakes but as the company grew so too did its requirements for sheet metal and plate components.

Frustrated by late deliveries and the quality of their sheet metal and plate component requirements from existing suppliers, as well as wanting to offer more services to clients, Bono Steel was initially established in 2006 to satisfy the machining company’s own needs. Such has been the growth of this standalone company involved in the processing of a range of materials that it now has a bigger turnover than the machining company. Additionally, Bono Steel does not operate on a one-client basis anymore. The company has also increased its metal cutting and bending services that it offers and boasts a whole host of independent clients not related to its sister company.

The new Ermaksan Power-Bend Pro press brake was supplied and installed by WD Hearn Machine Tools

In 2015 Bono Steel purchased a Prima Power Maximo laser cutter from Talmac Machine Tools. This was followed by a new Trumpf TruBend 3100 press brake in May 2017 and a new Trumpf TruLaser 3060 fiber laser in November 2018, both purchased from Retecon.

At the beginning of 2019 a new Voortman V630 beam drilling machine was installed, which was supplied by First Cut. The Voortman beam drilling machine was complemented with a Voortman VB1050 CNC bandsaw machine.

New Ermaksan Power-Bend Pro press brake
Bono Steel has now invested in an Ermaksan Power-Bend Pro press brake, a 6-axis CNC machine that has a bend force of 600 tons and a bending width of 4 100mm, 500mm high stroke and a throat depth of 1 000mm.

The new Ermaksan press brake was supplied and installed by WD Hearn Machine Tools.

“Amid the chaos of COVID-19 this installation was a challenge for us. It is one of the first press brake installations that we have done and we had to do it without any Ermaksan engineers present as they could not travel. The complete installation was done by our local guys with the help of Zoom and WhatsApp. Well done to everyone,” said Graeme Cooper, Sales Director of WD Hearn Machine Tools.

The machine has been installed in a new 900m² section of the company that has just been erected. It is the first of two similar machines that the company plans to run in tandem. The installation area has also been prepped for the second machine, which will take the bending length to 8 000mm. The company also plans to move all of its bending presses to this new section of the company facility.

There are also plans to install more cutting equipment later this year.

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